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rbstew57, November 26,  2018  2:04pm EST

Unintentionally obtained membership Aug 24, 2018

OK, here goes:

- Aug 22, 2018 I was on vacation and travel plans fell through, so I was home. My 19 yr old son who lives nearby wanted to show me his moves at the gym. I had no business doing those free weight sets that focused on the chest and shoulder areas.
- Aug 24, 2018 I felt some of the worst muscle pain in my life in the same two areas, so I toughed it out. What I didn't know was that my left vetricle failed and I started building a clot there.
- Aug 28, 2018 Unrelated to this, the results of my biopsy were positive for cancer, My oncologist used the word "aggressive" in describing my tumor and ordered a series of scans.
- Oct 18, 2018 the oncologist wants to review the scan findings with me. His first question: "Have you ever had a heart attack?" He orders an echocardiogram which I submitted to later that evening.
- Oct 19, 2018 I am admitted (and stay for four days) to hospital for treatment of the left ventricle, which so far has been a cocktail of meds (11 pills daily) and twice daily self injections of Lovenox. I am scheduled for stress test after Thanskgiving.

So my words on those who survive a silent, walking heart attack: Chest pain needs an EKG, no matter how slight or severe. That would have given me at least a chance for a stent, but the muscle has basically died.  My theory is that I have a high tolerance to pain. I don't know how else to explain this.

I hope it helps somebody.



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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 27,  2018  4:34pm EST

    I am so sorry to read this! Please know that we are here for you and many of our survivors are heart attack survivors and can share experiences. I am a DVT survivor and had to do the Lovenox shots for 2 months, they are wicked, I can relate. How are you doing now, and what about cancer? Will they be able to treat it soon or does your heart attack take immediate precedence over the cancer treatment? Thanks Katie 

  • JeffB
    JeffB, November 27,  2018  7:32pm EST


    Hey, I saw your post and wanted to send a shout out from the heart attack forum. My uncle has struggled with an aggressive form of skin cancer now for 12 years. The new immuno therapy has kept him alive.

    I don’t have the right to give you counsel so I will just share my hopes here with you. Don’t look back. Don’t second guess yourself. Give yourself a lot of credit for being brave enough to face what you have been presented with… that’s no small undertaking between both diagnoses. Work with your Dr’s to find out what your options are and don’t give up hope for both cardiac recovery and whatever your cancer Dr’s provide as far as a road-map.

    Again, I’ve only suffered a heart attack, not cancer. From that perspective I can only guess what you are going through. Please keep posting here and sharing your journey with us. From my limited experience, it has been one of the biggest assets I’ve had during my own recovery 3 & a half years into this whole chronic disease thing.

    I am sad to say this, but you are not alone. I am, however, happy on the other hand to reach out in support and friendship. You have allies here.

    Thanks for sharing your story, hard as it no doubt was to write. I would have been in tears putting something like that together. Well, I have been in the past anyway. That’s where the other folks here have come to my aid in the past though too. They helped me take it all in and find my balance. There’s no sugar coating here, but, again, I hope you get some better news in the days ahead and have time to start to heal.

    Don’t give up. I try to focus on having “today.” Which is limiting in contrast to how I used to think. It freaks me out sometimes for sure. But it helps me to keep my perspective too.

    All my best wishes,


  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, November 27,  2018  8:46pm EST


    I'd like to echo much of what Jeff has said regarding never giving up and only looking forward as positively as you possibly can. Remember that treatments today are light years ahead of what they were not that long ago especially in terms of treating the heart. I have always been grateful for the technologically advanced world we live in today. Otherwise my outcome might have been very different. Your advice is well taken and much appreciated and something we should all heed to. I too initially ignored the severe chest pain I experienced thinking "not me" as we all do too often. I was fortunate but I still had a major heart event. 

    But we have to do the best we can with the hand we've been dealt. We have to persevere as best we can and look forward to doing all that we can to take care of ourselves. It can be difficult as anyone who has been treated for a major illness can attest to. As my dad used to always say, take it one day at a time. I always felt this was sound advice because not approaching life that way can overwhelm us. As you scan the many posts on this site, you'll read about many patients that have had very difficult experiences. You'll also read about the care and support from members that have had similar experiences. I believe the posts provide comfort regardless of whether one is seeking or offering help. Your own post offered advice we ahould all listen to. Thank you for that.

    I wish you well on your stress test. I've had a number of those over the years. Please let us know how you are getting along.



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