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Kaz1376, April 28,  2020  3:46am EST

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Hello fellow survivors... I had a major heart attack this past year 11/2/19. At the age of 43. It was a normal active day..  got home.. Didn't feel well . Felt like a anxiety attack..  woke up confused 5 days later in the hospital. Didn't know what happened to me. Well apparently I died. And was brought back. 100% blockage in circumflex artery. Stent put in. Went to rehab... I take 5 medications a day.. Plus chewable aspirin.. but I never really feel that great! I have times where I am busy enough to not notice how I feel.. but at times of rest.. and quiet. I panic allot.. And get myself all freaked out. I have pain in my chest.. ribs.. sternum..  cramping almost. And almost always it's while I'm at rest. Back pain also.. is this all normal? Am I ever going to feel normal again? I've ended up going to the ER twice now thinking I'm dying again... Neither time was a cardiac event. But I still worry almost daily that something isn't right. Any advice or words of encouragement would be great.  Thanks in advance...  Be well.

8 Replies
  • Kaz1376
    Kaz1376, April 29,  2020  9:31am EST

    24 views.. Not one word of encouragement? Thanks everyone

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, April 30,  2020  10:56am EST

    Kaz1376, I owe you an apology and a note of explanation. First, I am sorry for not catching that your post is in the Cardiac Arrest forum instead of the Heart Attack section of the Support Network. Normally when that happens, I reach out to the member and let you know to repost in the Heart Attack section.  Unfortunately, I can't move the post, but if you would repost in the Heart Attack section you will find a warm welcome of survivors who can share experiences with you. 

    Thank you and again, please know that I am sorry for the miss. 

    Katie Bahn
    Community Manager

  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, April 30,  2020  12:45pm EST

    Kaz1376, I'm so sorry for the pain, discomfort, and worry you are experiencing. As Katie mentioned, the Heart Attack section of this site may have conversation threads already listed that you may be able to relate to-and feel free to chime in with questions or your personal experiences. This webpage about "Life After a Heart Attack" may answer some basic questions too: https://www.heart.org/en/health-topics/heart-attack/life-after-a-heart-attack Wishing you well!

  • BrianG
    BrianG, May 4,  2020  11:41am EST

    Hey Kaz, I too had a 100 % blockage of my LAD. Happened while I was working out at the gym 12/14/2019 . I also suffered with fear and dread and the constant worry I was having another cardiac episode. A few things helped me, one was going too cardiac rehab and learning about the recovery and the meds and a better diet. I also went to The ER twice out of fear. One ER doctor told me that patients never forget what that original angina felt like and that was a golden nugget because anytime I felt something I was like "is this anything like how I felt prior to my cardiac arrest" . Also they recommended I wear a halter for a few days. This was great because it records your heart over a few days and any time you feel "something" it allows you to make a note....then your cardiologist and you can go through the results . It helped me realize some stuff was real and some stuff was likely pyschosomatic. Also when I was back feeling kind of normal and exercising again I still had anxiety at times. My cardiologist ordered a "stress echo" you do a stress test and get echo before and after. Passed with flying colours and that really reassured me and helped me move forward. For me it's been a little over a year now and I do feel great and back to normal. I think it was about 4 to 6 months before I got to that point. So talk to your doctor and see what they recommend . You can even ask them about seeeing a therapist to help with the stress and anxiety. It does get better I promise . Stay well 

  • Dlo123
    Dlo123, May 9,  2020  11:21am EST

    I can tell you that I experience the same feelings. I  felt like I was reading my words. I experienced a cardiac arrest Feb 28, 2020, after a dance cardio class. I am 58 years old and in pretty good condition, so I thought. Fortunately my husband, my hero, decided to join me at the gym that day. When we left the gym, I felt a burning sensation in my chest. As we walked to the car, the burning sensation increased and felt like my chest was was on ****. As I plopped into the passenger seat, my husband immediately alarmed rushed me to the emergency room. I stopped breathing on the way. Apparently, CPR was administered in front of the emergency room, next to our car. Thankfully, as per my husband, the nurses were relentless with the CPR. I am so grateful. Inside I was given the AED or paddles to restart my heart. I did not have a heart beat for 8 minutes. I was airlifted to another hospital where they inserted a stent in my Widow Maker. After, I felt good and couldn't believe I went into cardiac arrest. I did have fractured ribs from the CPR. I was released 2 days later, it was a miracle.  Now, the story changes a bit. The first and 2nd week I could barely move, due to the fractured ribs. Oh, I shouldn't forget my 2nd visit to the emergency room, because I woke up gasping for air, dizziness and chest pains. The 3rd week I ended up with strep throat and an UTI. I was placed in the hospital for a couple of days, due to high liver enzymes, caused by the statin drugs. My body aches from the ****.  Still trying to figure the correct medication for that ordeal. I have continued left pectoral aches and pains on and off, which they say is skeletal. Or supposedly I'm still healing from my fractures. I have good and bad days wondering if I'm having a heart attack or if its just skeletal and my blood pressure is very inconsistent. Finally I have a real visit with my cardiologist next week, instead of the video conference, which doesn't do anything for my insecurities. So yes, I understand everything you are going through. 😀

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, May 15,  2020  10:15pm EST

    The only possibly helpful note I can add is post arrest (no block) I felt scared and lousy too. I had chest pains that scared me too. But it was GERD. Who knew? Having arrested in an ambulance racing me to an ER was like in the movies. I have a pacemaker now...what I call a doctor in my chest....and initially I didn't trust it either to keep me alive. It's an adjustment. I also see a counselor because with an arrest, let alone this incredible pandemic, anxiety is super common. I feel normal now. I don't worry so much about it like I did initially. I was a worry mess. I often say this in my comments because it worked for me. I get on the patient portal for the cardiologist and ask questions. Eventually, we had a list of what to look for, what to monitor, what to do when. Lots of my scares were short term cardiac events that I paced back to normal and those occasions are really infrequent now. I have what to look for, when to get care, and how to proceed now that hospitals have a deadly virus in most places now. Those are ideas that worked for me. A cardiac arrest  and time in cardiac ICU really is an eye opener. It's going to take time to regain confidence that you will be okay. Communicating with the cardiologist on the patient portal (most often initially, now hardly ever) helped me understand my situation to the point of having confidence I will be okay now. Hugs from me to you. I get what you are saying. Keep me posted on how you are doing.

  • MomCass72
    MomCass72, May 21,  2020  6:12pm EST

    Hi Kaz, so sorry you went through that.  I can't imagine actually waking up days later and not knowing what happened!  Sounds very scary to say the least.   I joined here some time ago, but I've had the opportunity to post yet.  I've been sort of in a depressed state.  Like why me?  I'm 47 and back in Jan. 2020 I thought it was just my usual gerd/acid reflux (because I've gone to the ER numerous times before for it).  Nope, not this time.  I was having a heart attack.  Rushed to ER with 70% blockage and got 2 stents.  They said my heart itself looks good and now I'm on lots of meds.  But I have to say I just still don't feel great either.  Having heart anxiety in addition to now this Covid **** doesn't help!  I pushed out my therapy because I didn't want to leave the house!  But been to cardio therapy for 2 weeks now and I feel worse than I did before.  My blood pressure has been up and everytime I'm there, I got to sit awhile to wait until everything goes down.  It's very discouraging!  I hear you with all your questions!  I feel like I can't eat anything anymore either.  Everything has too much salt, I'm afraid to do anything I used to!  I have an appt.  (telemed) :(, in June and I'm going to ask the same questions!  So  I may not be help right now with encouragement, but I can certainly comiserate with you!  You be well too!.  

  • Mercury
    Mercury, August 21,  2020  10:24pm EST

    Hello! I survived something similar coming up on a year in September. What a ****** year, am I right?!! I'm a 42 year old mom and also woke up in the hospital confused and in so much pain. I went into cardiac arrest from vfib, and my husband broke what felt like all of my ribs - twice! Love him, he saved my life with cpr. There is no obvious reason why this happened, so I now have a defribulator implanted in my chest. I too had a lot of cramping and discomfort for a long time afterwards. Physical therapy helped immensely. The PT explained that the deeper muscles between my ribs were likely atrophied from all of the guarding I was doing to protect myself. Occasionally I still feel the cramping and pain, but doing my stretching and exercises regularly helps. I still have what I think of as "bad heart days" and I mostly just need to sleep for a few days. (I work too much!) I also purchased a foam topper for my mattress and it has helped a lot too. Good luck to you and I hope you recover well!

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