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Aub85man, April 24,  2020  6:36pm EST

Just Got Home from First Event

Just got home from my first event this week.  I am 56 and in relatively good shape, but woke up in a cold sweat last weekend and went to the hospital and came out a few days later with two stents and a very different life.  I feel like I am walking on egg shells right now wondering if any little pain is another event.  The medicines I was prescribed have so many side effects, I just hope they subside over time and I can start to get back to a normal life.  Brilinta, covedilol, and statin all part of the regime now.  One med gives me low heart rate of about 50 beats per minute, while another makes me feel short of breath..  First night home, I could not sleep because of the worry of every pinch, or sound from my chest was going to be a problem.  I hope a few people can respond and let me know this will get better with time.  

2 Replies
  • Stillkicking
    Stillkicking, April 26,  2020  8:34am EST

    Congrats on making it home Aub85man! 3 stents here 6.5 years ago. Your note got my attention because I had very similar if not the same post event thoughts and feelings. Every twinge gave me a scare, the medicine took some getting used to and the insomnia was depressing to say the least. For me it did get better and I hope it does the same for you. There is definitely a new normal to get used to. Hopefully your doctor has approved you to go to rehab. I recommend it. Certainly it gets your body used to physical activity but also to you'll gain some confidence that things in fact will get better. At least that's what it did for me. Best wishes for a continued and speedy recovery.

  • BrianG
    BrianG, April 27,  2020  12:44pm EST

    Hey Aub85man I was 53 and at the gym working out. 100% blockage (aka the widow maker) luckily gym staff were trained in cpr and had a defibrillator. Four or five days later I was home all alone. On roughly the same meds . Everything your feeling is exactly how I felt . Check with your doctor first but I found going for long long walks every day helped. I made a strong effort to move to a Mediterranean diet and focus on cooking healthy meals. It felt that the walks n the cooking took my mind off stuff. It DOES get better I promise. I remember finding this site after a month at home and it really shifted and improved my mood to know what I was feeling was normal. Be open and talk to your family and friends about how u r feeling. It does help.  Definitely get signed up at a cardiac rehab program. Helps a lot. I also felt feeling my pulse and checking my heart rate at night calmed me. Remember how lucky you are that your condition was caught in time. For me it took about 2 months to feel closer to normal. I found out that my heart suffered almost no damage and my expulsion rate was normal it helped a lot mentally. It takes a while to feel good. For me the fears would ease and then be back some days but eventually it does get back to normal. It's been almost a year and a half and I'm feeling great. I'm running n working out and life is back to normal.

    Know we are here for you and it does get better ! 

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