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AbigailH, November 25,  2019  11:48am EST

In need of therapy... the mental and emotional kind

My husband had the widow maker almost 2 years ago and hasn't dealt with any of the mental aspect of what happened.... where do I look... he needs to talk to someone! 

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  • dwaters62
    dwaters62, November 25,  2019  2:53pm EST

    The first place to start is either your primary care physician or the cardialogist. I talk to both about my mental state and because I'm still in Physical therapy and Occupational therapy, I usually discuss my mental state with one of the therapists. There is one out of a dozen or so there that I will talk to about it. The primary physician has me on a mild antidepressant medication. Those 2 Drs can also refer a mental health specialist if need be.

    I do agree that he needs to be talking with someone, outside of the family unit. Talking with someone who has "Been There" helps a lot as well. That's the one thing, more so than the meds, that has helped me in my journey.

    Hope this helps,


  • BrianG
    BrianG, November 25,  2019  3:05pm EST

    I'm almost a year out from my widow maker . Life is mostly good but there r still periods of mental battles. My cardiologist and my cardio rehab group referred me to mental health professionals. Definitely ask those two to start 

  • Lisad2
    Lisad2, January 5,  2020  9:48pm EST

    if he is employed, does the employer have an EAP ( employee assistance program)?  They can help and also refer him to a professional in the area. Sometimes the services are at no cost as well. 

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