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Freddo, July 25,  2020  3:47pm EST


Hi, first time trying something like this. Hopefully I'm doing this right. Had a heart attack on 6/7. 55 year old man. Feeling good most days and just finding out ways to get more info. Thanks everyone. 

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 27,  2020  9:03am EST

    Good morning, there is no right or wrong way to share your story and become involved in the Support Network. We are just glad you are here! I can share what we have about life after a heart attack with you. 

    What do you find the hardest part of coping now? Is it the lack of information or concern you will have another one? Were you referred to Cardiac Rehab?

    Looking forward to getting to know you and talking more. Best Katie

  • lisasteele
    lisasteele, July 27,  2020  11:42am EST

    Hi Freddo,

    I just joined this group this morning. I had a heart attack late last October at age 56. It was a shock to me, as I had no indicators at all.

    I am trying to move forward. I highly suggest that you definitely go to Cardiac Rehab, if there is a program near by that you are comfortable with. I completed my 3 month program in early March prior to CoVid hitting. My hospital just re opened to Cardica Rehab and are following strict protocols for protection.

    What are you experiencing, emotionally and physically? It took me a until June to feel confident in my self again. This was due to CoVid pulling me back into insolation.

    Let's talk this out. You are not alone. Life does not end. We need to turn our mess into a strong message for ourselve and move forward. Sending healing energy.

    Lisa Steele George

  • KarlR
    KarlR, July 27,  2020  2:00pm EST

    Hello Freddo.

    I'm 50, and I had my heart attack about two weeks after yours.  I've also been feeling good since leaving the hospital (or at least since the bruises healed up).  The range of outcomes for heart attacks seems to be pretty broad.  Thankfully, it sounds like your outcome is on the better end of the spectrum.

    The link that Katie pointed you toward is one of the more reliable sources for reliable information.  It's not the only source of good information.  If you do your own Google research, pay attention to what the source is.  I even treat some self-proclaimed "experts" as suspect, particularly if they're promoting their own products or services.  The message boards here are a bunch of non-experts (other survivors).  They're good for finding out what other people's personal experiences are and how they've handled situations.

    One of the things that I've learned since having my heart attack is that there is a difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest.  The general public uses the two terms interchangeably (including me, up until several weeks ago), but there is a difference.  In my case, one of my coronary arteries was 99% blocked, so I had a heart attack.  Cardiac arrest, on the other hand, is when the heart actually stops beating.  My heart never stopped, so I did not go into cardiac arrest.  The two are interrelated, since one of the common causes of cardiac arrest is a heart attack.  That said, most of us who had a heart attack did not go into cardiac arrest.  (Feel free to double-check all of that.  I'm just regurgitating the information that I found on the internet.)

    You might want to check out the message boards for heart attack survivors (even if you're also a cardiac arrest survivor).  The heart attack survivor boards have a bit more traffic than the cardiac arrest survivor boards.

    Regarding information, what topic interests you the most?  The recent conversations have covered a number of topics including diet, exercise, anxiety, and medications.

  • steveSD
    steveSD, July 28,  2020  1:47pm EST


    Welcome to the club no one asked to be in but here we are. I was 46 when I had mine, 3 1/2 years ago. We all go through different struggles but for most the first year or so is the most difficult. Cardiac rehab is highly recommended. It's what helped me figure out how hard I could push when exercising and I've gotten stronger every month. My best advice is to go easy on yourself. There will be good days and bad days and over time the hard days should get further and further apart. Just keep moving forward. Make the best choices you can in terms of diet any given day and try to be active. Otherwise, wash your hands, stay safe, and don't forget to live while we're all here. - Steve

  • jtong
    jtong, July 29,  2020  4:32pm EST


    I also had a heart attack in my early 50s and have 2 stents.  Like others have stated cardiac rehab will help you get confidence to overcome fear and build strength.  It's been 3 years since my heart attack and wanted to let you know I'm back to doing many of my favorite outdoor activities.  I wish you the best in your recovery but remember that it is a very gradual process. Through diet, exercise, medication, and following cardiologist instructions you'll make it back too.



  • BrianG
    BrianG, August 4,  2020  12:05am EST

    Freddo & Lisa im over a year n a half from surviving a widow maker....this forum really helped me at about the 2 or 3 month mark...when I was full of dread n anxiety....the site has great everyone has stated Cardiac Rehab is super helpful.....I'm back to my reg routines and running lots....there were hills n valleys for me until about the 6 month only has gotten for u if u have any questions

    you both will get through this trust me ! 

  • Arty1manprty
    Arty1manprty, November 13,  2020  7:02pm EST


    Just wanted to say that I had a major heart attack a couple of years after I had gone through my divorce.  At the time, 47 years old.  I'm now 66 and still going! Just retired

    and looking forward to another good portion of my life!   I just wanted to say that I think perspective is the main thing you have to think about as you go on!   A lot of people don't get a second chance and you and I are the lucky ones.   There's a lot they can do for us nowadays.  Good luck to you and stay positive!

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