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Daddyofthr33, December 22,  2020  3:59pm EST

Heart attack

Back on April 10 my ex wife called me at night to check on kids as we have done for the last two years. I apperently sounded off and i was getting mad with her on the phone. Which i never do. So she came over to check on things. Our two boys were down stairs playing at 1030 at night. Our daughter was in her room crying. I was on my boy's bedroom floor naked sweating out of it. She tried to get me to go to hospital. I wouldnt go. She took the kids back tonher place and had a ******* check done. The cops left without even seeing me only yelled up the stairs. The next day i didnt show up for work. My boss after countless calls to my cell called my ex wife if she had heard from me cuz it wasnt like me not ti answer the phone nor not show up to work. She ended up having another wellfare check done. Told them where she last saw me and the condition i was in. They found me unconscious. Got me down stairs where my heart stopped for 10 secs. They got it going again, got me to the hospital where i had another heart attack, in which it didnt beat on its own for 12 mins. I was then on life support and a coma for 2 weeks. Im still havibg a hard time thinking about it. I got tears running diwn my face as im trying ti type this out. Im not fully recovered yet still weak still get short of breathe. Constantly afraid its going to happen again. Besides the kids i dont have family here. Really dont have any friends. I feel completely alone and scared all the time.

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, December 23,  2020  10:25am EST

    Good morning, I can imagine this must have been a difficult experience to endure, but you are not alone in this experience.  In fact, tens of thousands of people survive heart attacks and go on to lead productive, enjoyable lives. Here are some resources about heart attack recovery and lifestyle changes.

    I hope these provide can you with some insight and comfort. Thank you for joining the support network and we hope you will be able to connect with other people who have been through the same experience. 

    Please keep us updated on how you are feeling. 


    The AHA Team

  • SingletonMel
    SingletonMel, January 3,  2021  8:43am EST

    Having a HA is a big deal and has a big effect on you mentally. I had my HA on Sept.17th 2020 at the age of 39 and afterwards all I did was constantly cry all day. Currently I still have my days & like you when I tell my story it briings a water well of tears. From other stories I've heard some are able to eventually bounce back on their own mentally and others have to seek professional help along with medication to take the edge of. Keep an open mind and seek help if needed don't try fix it on your own. Sending love & blessings

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