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Cwllson, January 12,  2020  3:02am EST


On Christmas Eve I had a heart attack in a bathroom at a grocery store - fell backwards washing my hands and woke up 1 min later on the floor not able to move my arms or legs - paramedicas came and took me to the hospital - found I had 90% blockage in the main artery  - they did an angie thru the wrist and placed a stent - went home next day - with the usual cocktail of drugs which cost a small fortune - but keep me alive at 65- I am learning to walk stable again  and I am starting to get use of my hands - but I still have tingling in my arms and shouders and fingers like they are waking up- I hope they will return to full function again so I can go back to work on robotics and laser systems that I have small business doing repairs and engineering on - I hate feeling useless and can't afford to retire yet - But - I live due to the dude who found me in the bathroom and the paramedics and great Doctors and nurses who brought me back to life Thank You! And yes I do have twinges and electrical misfirings but I check my o2/pulse and bp and I am good - anyone lose use of their hands?

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 17,  2020  10:11am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing what happened! I am not familiar with the tingling issue. What does your medical team say? Thanks Katie

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