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bmi2719, April 3,  2019  8:33pm EST


I have a question. My doc is confused. I have no symptoms but upper pain in my chest 2 hours after eating. I has somewhat high blood pressure and my cholesterol was slightly high.  I have changed my diet completely and started a blood pressure medication, cholesterol meds and baby aspirin. My blood pressure is down to normal now running 126 over 74 sometimes in the low 130s. Since my doc got no answers from my nebular stress test, he wants to do this cath next week. My question is this, will the blood pressure effectively work if there are clogged arteries?  Or would it remain high?  I have read so much now about all the different heart diseases but nothing will give me that answer. I'm hoping someone here can answer this for me as I would like to think I'm going into this procedure with a good outcome. I'm confused to think that if my medicine was doing what it is suppose to do maybe I don't have clogged arteries going into this.  Thank you all for assisting me with this. My dad died from heart disease.  

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, April 4,  2019  8:28am EST

    Good morning, while I do not have a specific answer for you, I do want to share that I think you are doing the right thing in having the cath and getting to the bottom of this. And, I want to congratulate you on the lifestyle changes! That is such an accomplishment in and of itself. Please let us know how the cath goes. Best Katie

  • DanKamsickas
    DanKamsickas, April 4,  2019  8:32am EST

    You have weird symptoms but at least you're going through the process of figuring them out. Yours sound more like what I had after my heart attack. Turns out I had the beginnings of an ulcer because, at that time, they were still recommending a full strength aspirin daily. It was eating my stomach. Switched to low dose aspirin and the symptoms faded.The cath will let you know definitively if there are any blockages and they can fix them if they find any. Sometimes you don't have symptoms. My wife had a physical and everything was fine. Blood pressure fine. Blood work all was in the healthy range. Just over a month later I was doing CPR on her on the bedroom floor. Look at it this way: After the cath, you're going to have answers. Either they find something with the heart and figure out how to fix it, or they find nothing wrong with the heart and they look at other causes.

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, April 4,  2019  3:31pm EST

    Blood pressure can be anywhere prior to a heart attack.  The body has many mechanisms and can compensate.  Mine was 125 / 82 before going cycling when the heart attack hit 5 miles into the ride.  No noticeable symptoms that would lead one to think this would happen.  Clogged aretries can give little or no indications prior.  Or lots.  Glad you'really with us.

  • BrianG
    BrianG, April 9,  2019  3:06am EST

    I have always had slightly high blood pressure but in the exceptable range with meds. Prior to my cardiac arrest (aka the widow maker) when I was having what I now know was angina I would go to the drug store n take my blood pressure. It was wth in normal range and I still eventually had the blockage. Just fyi. If I were u I would have them have a look. 

  • KimRN
    KimRN, April 29,  2019  3:22pm EST

    I'm sorry to hear you are confused. Many times patients receive vague answers and providers have little time to eduate their patients. Pain in your chest 2 hours after eating could be from a number of causes ranging from anxiety and gastric reflux to cardiac and pulmonary issues. It's excellent that you are seeing a provider for your chest pain and making such positive lifestyle choices. It is not easy to make those changes, you are really an inspiration for those who struggle with the necessary modifications. 

    Blood pressure medications do work even wtih clogged arteries. Blood pressure medications work in a variety of ways depending on the drug classification. Some blood pressure medications work by relaxing the walls of the arteries to lower blood pressure, others act as diuretics so that you excrete excess fluid when you urinate to decrease pressure in the arteries.  Even if you have clogged arteries, blood pressure medication will still work with the vessel wall tone and/or your fluid volume status. 

    Regarding clogged arteries, your lifestyle changes and medications to decrease cholesterol levels will help prevent further buildup of plaque and clogging of arteries. Make sure you stick with the medication schedule prescribed by your physician and keep all of your follow-up appointments. It's great that you continue to monitor your blood pressure. If you notice consistent elevations in blood pressure make sure see your provider for a possible adjustment in medication or dosage. 

    I recommend to bring a notepad and take notes next time you have an appointment. I remember things better just by writing them down. Also, if you bring a list of written questions for your provider then you won't forget to ask them. It is common for patients to completely forget anything that was said during an appointment. I like to bring my sister or mother with me because they have a clearer mind and can help me remember. Good luck!

  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, May 8,  2019  8:40am EST

    It doesn't sound as if your doctor is actually "confsed." IT seems, from what you say that he is still evaluating your symptoms.

    Please note that a catherization is not always for treatment purposes. It may be that he finds no blockages. But, in a situation like yours, it is usually safer if everything is thoroughly checked out. Then, if there is no cardiac basis for the symptoms you are exeriencing, you may be sent to a GI Doc for further evaluation.

    There are many cases where people are experiencing what they believe to be cardiac symptoms when if cat the problem is with their GI or another system. Having "somewhat high blood pressure" and "somewhat elevated cholesterol" does not mean you necessarily have CAD or any blockages. Even with family history. Unfortunately, but fortunately you are going to have to wait out the evaluation process to see what, if anything, they find.

    I say "fortunately" because in the case of cardiac issues--BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST. If there was something drast going on it would not take long for it to show up during testing.

    I wish you well and pray they find no blockages....

    It's a great day to be alive...



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