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MissMarvel, March 26,  2020  6:03pm EST

Cardiac Rehab

Hello! I was supposed to start cardiac rehab this week, but with the Coronavirus outbreak, my appointment was cancelled, as the facility is closed for the time being.

I'm wondering if there are any suggestions of exercies or activities I can do at home in the meantime. 

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  • JerryJan11
    JerryJan11, March 26,  2020  6:37pm EST

    Miss Marvel-

    Did you have a heart attack?  How serious?  What kind of shape were you in before your 'event'? Sorry for so many questions, but having gone through cardiac rehab, it was not one size fits all.  I wonder if your primary care Dr could help you.

    I had a massive heart attack on 1/11/19 and got a stent.  Went through rehab for 40 days. 



  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, March 27,  2020  9:03am EST

    Good morning, this is a great question and one I am sure more of our members will ask as well.  I pulled this info from our Coronavirus Questions section.  In your case, since you have not started rehab yet and do not have a baseline for what you should/should not do, I suggest you read the exercise below and call your doctor's office. They should be the ones to advised you on if these suggestions are appropriate for your specific situation.  

    If You're a Patient

    Should heart and stroke patients continue rehabilitation?

    First, call to see if your rehabilitation center is still operational. If it’s closed, here are some exercises you can try at home

    I hope this helps and please know we are here for you now and in the future. :) 

    Best Katie

  • MissMarvel
    MissMarvel, March 27,  2020  1:40pm EST

    Jerry - it was pretty severe. I had a stent put in my RCA, which was 100% blocked. I admit, I wasn't in the best of shape before, but from what the doctor's told me, I've probably had a heart issue my whole life that wasn't detected until nearly too late. 


    Katie - thank you so much! I'll check that out!


  • Aub85man
    Aub85man, April 24,  2020  7:20pm EST

    I am new to the forum and wondering how you are getting on.  I too will need to find a way to rehab without a formal place to visit due to COVID 19.  How are you progressing and did you find some resources that helped guide you. 

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