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CavemanD, April 26,  2019  4:36pm EST

Any Musicians w/ Defibrillators Here ?

Hello,  In late January of this year I went into cardiac arrest.  Thankfully I was transported to a hospital, stabilized & eventually operated on.  I got 3 stents & an S-ICD implanted in my chest.  I've slowly gotten back into playing drums & electric guitar.  I was wondering if there are members here who have had either an S-ICD or ICD implanted who are also musicians.  How's your recovery been?  How have your devices been working?

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  • audealo
    audealo, May 6,  2019  10:36pm EST

    Hi CavemanD, as a student I was a musician, but I haven't played in a while (piano, clarinet, and alto sax). I had cardiac arrest in January 2016, despite being in general good health. I thought I had the flu and drove myself to the ER, only to go into arrest in triage; once resuscitated, I then had a heart attack. They found my heart was having vasospasms, but to this day, it isn't known why. At that time, I had a S-ICD implanted, in case, I had another cardiac event like that. It has been 3 year and 3 months + without any cardiac event. I loyally went to cardiac rehab. The rehab team became like a support group for me, as my family also experienced 3 additional traumatic events within 4 months of my event. I think being a pretty compliant patient helped with my quick and sustained recovery.

    Enjoy your music!

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