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Sambri, August 30,  2018  12:35pm EST

Anxiety and Arrhytmias

Hi, there,
I've been suffering from anxiety for a few months now and it's affecting my heart lately. I have arrhythmias and palpitations and I am afraid that something serious might happen to me. I have read on several specialized websites like this and I think I suffer from severe anxiety disorders.
Is there any medication or should I consult a specialist?

Thank you

5 Replies
  • Jangi
    Jangi, September 4,  2018  12:56pm EST

    You, definitely need to see a physician. 

  • Vegas
    Vegas, September 5,  2018  8:19pm EST

    I'm sure there is medication but have to make sure it doesn't mess up anything else so check with a dr. please.



  • DeweyJackson
    DeweyJackson, September 22,  2018  5:04am EST

    Hi Sambri,

     Yes, these symptoms are not something to play around with, you should see a DR. Not just one to treat the symptoms, but also one to help you try to figure out why you are having stress and what can be done to get you through that. I have had those symptoms and did consult with both kinds of DRs and also asked God to help me with my reasons for stress. All 3 things are very helpful. Please seek help before physical damage is done.

  • Time121
    Time121, February 8,  2019  12:20pm EST

    Dont ignore the signs, I did and it wasnt good.

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 9,  2019  1:42am EST

    Hear you.  Get it.  You'really getting good support.  I know this is hard, but attitude is everything.  My own specs improve when I'm positive and detetmined, enjoyING hobbies, reading, and the company of others.  Therapists and pastors can help.  Prayers too.  God bless.

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