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gwhense2018, July 29,  2018  5:15pm EST

Another Newbie

Hello all. I’m a newbie here and had my heart attack at he age of 57 on December 30, 2017. While I was a smoker and had a family history of heart problems I still considered myself to be fairly healthy and the heart attack took me by surprise. I did suffer the “widowmaker” and required stents in my LAD and RCA. Since then I did complete cardio rehab, eating healthier most of the time and have been smoke free now for 7 months. While physically I do feel good and my cardiologist is happy with my progress and outlook I continually worry and stress over what “might” happen next. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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  • Shufelt64
    Shufelt64, July 30,  2018  11:52pm EST

    Hi Gary

    I had a heart attack that caught me by surprise on Aug 9 2017. I was in cardiac arrest for 50 mins until I was put on ecmo (Extrcorpreal Membrane Oxegenation) which is a heart lung bypass pump. Then my 100% LAD blockage was opened and stent put in.The next couple days were uncertain.I was put in a medication induced sleep so my heart lungs and body could rest. Was on ecmo for 5 days then spent another 6 days in hospital,before going home. I did everything drs told me to do.Completed cardio rehab. Very well. It's almost a year later. I do all I can to prevent anymore heart problems. I worry and stress a little.What helps me to not over stress and worry , is that I'm alive and was given a second chance to keep living with my family and friends. I thank God everyday and  live day to day. As the best I can. I pray every morning, then meditate for a  a few mins . Then start my day. Every day is a gift and meant to be lived the best it can be. I was 53 when my heart attack hit me. I have other health issues that affect me to like diabetes and sciatica and craple tunnel. Which seem minor to my heart but need the same attention. Our whole body and mind  with all its issues affect our overall health.Hope this all makes sense and helps.   Dave

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, March 4,  2019  8:19pm EST

    Gary, this is difficult for everyone.  Life has its ups and downs.  It's how we respond.  Do all you can to improve, but your attitude of hope can make a big difference.  Know what you can do, research and ask questions, keeping your doctors informed, emails if you can't see them, and remember the hope you give others by your example.  I think much of happiness is what we can do for others, more so when we'return going through stuff.  I met a lady who had a heart virus in her thirties and went through everything, finally getting a transplant.  I had a hard time believing as she was so energetic and a joy to behold, very hopeful, until she showed me her scar.  Her hopefulness was a real breath of fresh air.  You'll be that for others. God bless. 

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