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rockrob61952, March 1,  2018  7:34am EST

Upcoming Cruise Questions

I was recently diagnosed w/AF and underwent an ablation procedure 2 wks ago.  So far I'm doing very well and am optimistic that I will continue to do so!  At my last visit w/my EP doc, I mentioned to him that I had a cruise planned for the end of April (it's a California coastal trip starting in SF w/stops in Santa Barbara, Long Beach, San Diego and Ensenada) and did he think it wld be ok for me to do this trip approx 10 wks after my procedure.  He said it was fine, that he generally just asks that his patients not travel for 3 wks following the procedure.  Naturally, I've begun to think about what I wld do shld I experience another AF episode while on the ship.  There are obviously Drs onboard the ship, but I'm sure they are primarily gen'l family practioners and not specialists.  However, given that I will only be sailing down the CA coast, I won't be far from several excellent med'l facilities if an emergency were to arise.

Clearly I need to discuss all this w/my EP doc at my next appt., but I'm just curious if any of you have any experience w/cruising since your diagnosis.  If so, I'd greatly appreciate your input.  Thanx!   -Robin-
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  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, March 1,  2018  9:19am EST
    Robin, I doubt that you should be concerned about your cruise since your itenerary will keep you close to major medical facilities if they were needed.  The doctors on board the ship probably deal with a-fib on a regular basis considering how many senior citizens like to cruise.  You might question the cruise line about that.   If you purchased  your travel insurance within a certain period of time before the cruise, it may cover previous conditions....transfer to a medical facility, etc.  That is something else you may want to check out.  Also, talking to your electrophysiologist for suggestions about "what to do" if you should experience a problem during the cruise  would be a good idea.  I'm sure there are a number of members of this group who still cruise often, but I don't know if they have done that while they were in the the 3 month "blanking" period. With your close proximity to good medical facilities, your cruise sounds "perfect"!  I hope you go and have a wonderful time. (My husband and I have enjoyed 14 cruises and think it is a great way to see the world...and to eat lots of good food too!). I hope you will hear from some other "cruisers"who are members of this community.Best wishes to you,Jean (My A-fib Experience Community Leader)
  • rockrob61952
    rockrob61952, March 1,  2018  12:01pm EST
    Hi, Jean ... thanx for your response ... this will be my 10th cruise and I have always purchased the travel insurance ... I had totally forgotten that that cld be something I might be able to "fall back on" shld a problem arise.  And you're probably absolutely correct that these ship Drs are experienced w/passengers w/AF.  One of the great aspects of this particular cruise is that we're sailing from our home port so that means no flights anywhere ... not that I'm worried about flying, but it just adds a whole other stress factor when traveling.  In fact, I basically live w/in walking distance of the cruise terminal here.  But I love cruising regardless of where I'm sailing out of ... and yes, there's all that wonderful food too!    I was just reading up on the dining aspect of this particular ship this AM and I thot to myself, "OK, Robin, don't forget about that 'come to Jesus' talk you had w/yourself right after your first AF episode ... you remember, the one where you told yourself you were going to start sleeping more, eating better, and exercising more!"  The hardest part for me will always be staying away from all the desserts (my downfall!).  Anyway, I will definitely speak to my EP on the 13th about all of this too.
  • Fish
    Fish, March 4,  2018  11:59am EST
    HiWhats "cld be something I might be able to "fall back on" shld a problem arise" mean?????ThanksFish from Canada
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