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Jeanamo, May 8,  2016  11:23am EST

Medical Information bracelets

I was just wondering how many of the people in this forum have medical information bracelets or pendants on a chain (like a "dog tag" for some men).  When away from home, one of these can be very helpful in case of an emergency such as an accident or sudden illness.  There are many medical ID bracelets available on the internet....many of the bracelets are very attractive and look like a nice piece of jewelry for women...or an ID bracelet for men.  Some men prefer to wear a tag on a long chain around their neck underneath their clothing.  If you are taking a "blood thinner"....warfarin, Pradaxa, Eliquis, or Xarelto...this information can be engraved on the piece of jewelry. Also if you have a pace maker, defibrillator, or take other essential medicines like insulin, this information can also be added.  In addition it can be important information if your medicine could have an adverse reaction with another medicine that might unknowingly be administered. Some of the bracelets have a small compartment where you can insert a tiny piece of paper with your medical information.  In case of an accident or other unexpected event, this information can be critical to those who are immediate responders.  All of the bracelets have the medical identification symbol on the outside so medical personel will check them.  Most of these are resonably priced and if you do not have one, you might want to make an internet search and order one you like.   Since many of us are taking anticoagulants, it is really a good idea to have one.
  • OUMike
    OUMike, May 9,  2016  1:29am EST
    Jeanamo,Hello. I am a believer in the emergency medical notification idea. at this point, I have opted for a medical ID found at (free). This site  prompts one through preparing an emergency ID which can be placed on the refrigerator for emergency crews who may come to their residence someday; carried in a wallet/purse; placed in cars; given to family/friends/neighbors; updated whenever; etc. Haven't yet decide to wear an emergency notification device and thought others might like to know of this alternative. Thank you.OUMike
  • librarygirl
    librarygirl, May 9,  2016  4:27am EST
    Hi...I do wear a dog tag with the following on it....Newton Wellesley Hospital....AFIB.....Warfarin.....Hopefully it covers all my bases! Got it from a site called Lauren's Hope.
  • biba
    biba, May 9,  2016  5:16am EST
    A medical alert bracelet was the first thing I got after I was diagnosed and started taking all those serious meds. I never take it off.
  • Tea Sipper
    Tea Sipper, May 9,  2016  6:13am EST
    I wear a bracelet saying I'm on blood thinners, but it's not a medical bracelet. It's a cyclist and runner's bracelet from It doesn't come with that warning; you have to specify that you want it on there. Prices vary from about $20 on up to about 30-40 dollars depending on how much information you want on it and the styling. You should have your name and phone number of contacts in case of emergency also on it. Jack
  • kricket
    kricket, May 10,  2016  3:15am EST
    I wear a MedicAlert bracelet.  It specifies on the bracelet that I have afib and take Warfarin.  It also has a phone number that an emergency responder can call and get my complete medical history and a complete list of meds that I take.
  • phic99
    phic99, May 11,  2016  12:36pm EST
    HiI wear a very small waterproof USB drive, shaped like a key, on a chain around my neck. On the USB drive I have all of my important medical information as well as some reports and scan etc.The beauty of the USB drive is that information can be quickly changed if needed - such as doses of medications or contact details for medical professionals.
  • betty287
    betty287, May 12,  2016  1:51am EST
    Hi, I am interested in your USB drive shaped like a key. Could you provide the source?
  • Doug in Nashville
    Doug in Nashville, May 12,  2016  7:35am EST
    Have dogtag medical alert around my neck, stainless steel, took me a week or two to get used to it swinging when I changed positions when I sleep.  I keep it on all the time except bathing, otherwise I would forget.  Mentions AFib, blood thinner I am on, blood type, and penicillin allergy.......only part of the chain shows on my neck when wearing a tee shirt, the tag doesn't even show through with a tee shirt on normally.
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, May 12,  2016  11:54am EST
    I also have my blood type on my bracelet and think it is definitely a good idea to have any serious allergies (such as pennicillin) as well. Do you think paramedics or other first responders would be able to access the USB key information instantly if needed?  Probably this electronic age,.....
  • phic99
    phic99, May 12,  2016  11:17pm EST

    Hi Betty,The usb is LACIE brand and I purchased it on ebay Australia. As far as I know it is a US product  Petite Key. I think you only need 8GB capacity and my local cost was AUD18.00.CheersPhil

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