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Carolb, February 19,  2017  7:16am EST

Helicopter Tour in Hawaii?

I'm traveling soon to Hawaii. I had a successful Ablation for AFIB & AFLUTTER in April. I appreciate all the great suggestions for airline travel. Concerning activities......I'd love to take a helicopter tour over the island!  Has anyone experienced that & would it be basically the same as flying or am I pushing the envelope on the bucket list item?  I'm 65 in good health otherwise. 

4 Replies
  • Mrs. Happy Camper
    Mrs. Happy Camper, February 20,  2017  1:23am EST
    Have a blast. I traveled to New Zealand last fall where one of my Bucket List items was accomplished when I rode in a helicopter. My husband and I were both concerned that the adrenaline surge might trigger an AFIB event. Everything was just fine. Not even a skipped beat.
  • Carolb
    Carolb, February 20,  2017  2:46am EST
    Thank you!!!  I plan on checking with my cardiologist but great to hear of your great experience!!
  • Fire0023
    Fire0023, February 22,  2017  1:02pm EST
    You are more apt to go into a fib from anxiety thinking neg thoughts than flying in a helicopter which is relaxing in comparison
  • Carolb
    Carolb, February 23,  2017  2:57am EST
    Thanks for your response!  I understand about anxiety, it can be a battle with AFIB. I did speak with my Dr yesterday, he knew of no data of risk with helicopter ride or activities. His warning,  being on vacation, about alcohol.  Even modest doses of alcohol in some people can trigger fibrillation so recommends abstaining or severely limiting intake. cb
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