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grey_one, April 29,  2018  6:07pm EST

New support network is still a work in progress

I suggest that when I log in, the system knows I am an afibber and takes me to AFibexperience without having to click multiple times on the correct buttons.  Add a field to the user profile or use the one that tells you my primary heart issue.

I seem to be getting repeats on the composit email that has all the posts.  Can we see just the new posts and see all the post instead of just a snippet?

The use of Topics is now confusing.  It is difficult to get to them and when reading the composit email, the topic is not given.  

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  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, April 29,  2018  6:44pm EST


    When I type in the address bar of my browser, it takes me directly to My AFib Experience. I then Login and it takes me straight to my dashboard so I can see the latest activity. What are you wishing it did instead? I am not clear on that. 

    I'm also not clear on what you mean by "getting repeats on the composite email" as I haven't seen anything like that on the Daily Digest. Perhaps Katie can help figure that out. It may be that it appears to be duplications because you are getting immediate notifications and a Daily Digest and you would see it on both of those. 

    I asked the community yesterday in a thread that since "At Your Home" was the busiest topic before, should we designate it as the default forum and do most communicating in there? If so, Katie can rearrange the forums so that you go there when you click on "Go to My Primary Condition Forum."  


  • CindyH9423
    CindyH9423, April 30,  2018  9:17pm EST

    Why can’t we just type in what our post is about in the header and get rid of the topic categories? I mean whats the difference between At your home and At Work etc.  People are simply posting under Introduce Yourself so others will see it.  That is one way to simplify this overly difficult website. 

  • tangodancer
    tangodancer, May 1,  2018  3:23pm EST


    I don't normally read the afib digest on a computer. I read it on my iphone which I keep beside my bed. It is a comfort to awake in afib in the middle of the night and grab my phone and read the digest. It is like having my support group in my pocket. I always read it first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. The smart phone experience is very different and needs a lot of work. I have been helping Katie as a beta tester. But many folks, and that group will only grow, do not run to a computer to read the digest.


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