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ocalasun, April 28,  2018  11:30am EST

Kardia Mobile

Anyone using this device with their smart phone?    It's $99 on Amazon and I was wondering if I should purchase it.   I thought I would like it to keep a record of my AFib episodes.   I feel that my cardiologist doesn't believe me when I tell her I have episodes.  

Also, when I have an episode at home, what do I do?  They are never over 120 bpm, but they are debilitating.   



  • DCDebDeb
    DCDebDeb, April 28,  2018  11:36am EST

    My doctor says you can be in FAib without the heart rate being very fast.  I have a Kardia device.  If I have questions about the readings my doctor can look at them and let me know if there is a concern.  It's not a bad little device to have.

  • john1818
    john1818, April 28,  2018  12:03pm EST

    I have used this device over two years and think it’s a worthwhile investment as a support instrument. I typically take and record readings every morning and evening. It’s pretty accurate at confirming "Possible AFIB" when I feel I'm in AFIB. I have episodes every few days and just deal with them since I'm not ready to take any aggressive action at this time.

    My trend over time has been more frequent "Possible AFIB" readings and many "Unclassified" readings with a few "Normal" reading here and there. Readings sometimes get finicky especially if there is nearby electrical interference. Data history can also be collected in the cloud or sent to your doctor. Early on the doctor was linked to my results for a short time and I'm sure he could view them in special circumstances.

    I typically don't take any action other than bringing the report to my doctor on visits. I keep an eye on the BPM and monitor more frequently if the rate goes above 120 BPM. It’s an inexpensive diagnostic tool with some limitations but worth purchasing in my opinion

  • Spencer
    Spencer, April 28,  2018  12:15pm EST
    Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 4.15.39 PM.jpg.

    I have used the Kardia for about five months now.  I take an EKG daily and anytime that I feel like I am in AFib or some other weird rhythm.  I used reports from the Kardia to show my Doc, and he moved up my 2nd ablation by a month, and a second report to schedule my third ablation about a week after my second.  I was exhibiting a high AFib load in both cases.  This is a great device to show your doc what is going on, and you can use to help train yourself in what each of the different rhythms feels like.  

    The pix attached is the summary sheet from my time in Dec/Jan.  I had my 2nd ablation on 26 Dec, and my heart attack on 30 Dec.  3rd ablation was scheduled around the 6th of Jan.

    I suggest your get one and also sign up for the premium service.  You will get good use out it.


    Waiting on my Sunrise.

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, April 28,  2018  1:45pm EST


    i have been using an app called runtastic which measures heart rate. It was about 4 or 5 bucks. Does well with limitations. I’ve seen the cardia one. Based on what I’ve read and heard from Spencer, I may get one, if my upcoming ablation is not successful 

    as to what to do when you have an episode; For me since I am on an anticoagulant if I am not experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. and not highly anxious, I ride it out, if my pulse doesn’t go above 140-150 and it doesn’t last much more than 8 hours. Upside, I’m not going to the ER. Downside, if it goes 4 or more hours, I’m exhausted for a day or so.

  • shafiq48
    shafiq48, April 28,  2018  2:42pm EST

    I have Cardia mobile device connected to my iPhone. Quite useful instrument which can detect an episode and gives you a freedom of action. You can get a print out to show to your doctor. Also you can email the results if your doctors agrees to this. Whenever I doubt my heart going nuts I take help of this little thing to give me an immediate diagnoses. 


  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, April 28,  2018  3:54pm EST

    Hello, All.....

    I have a question about the Kardia which some of you members may be able to answer.  I have gotten conflicting answers to this question when searching on line and would like to hear from anyone with "first hand" experience.  I have a pacemaker and I have heard that the Kardia is not accurate when used with a pacemaker.  My question is this:  Has anyone in this group used the Kardia successfully while having a pacemaker? I would really like to get one...but not if it won't work for me...so I have been hesitant to do so.

    Thanks for any information you can share...


    (My A-Fib Experience Community Leader)

  • CindyH9423
    CindyH9423, April 29,  2018  12:21am EST

    Wish I knew about this when my EP put in the loop implant recorder. The batteries are up in two years and I will have it removed and then get one. I could go ahead and get one now though. They sound great. 

  • heartme
    heartme, April 29,  2018  7:27am EST

    I've had my Kardia since Christmas and use it daily. I may not be having symptoms but it gives me a patern and something to show my Docter. You can also get an immediate response for $9.00 or a more complete one for $20.  I would e-mail the results to my Doctor. You need to be where there is a good signal for it to work. I also ave a FITBIT ALTA which you wear all the time so you always know your HK. It also lets you know how much sleep and exercise you get. The FB hooks up to your computer and gives you a weekly report. I have a tendency to  over use these devices ,but they are very reasuring. However, if you go into afib or svt they do nothing for you This is my first post where is the spell check? Yes I usually talk a lot.

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, April 29,  2018  12:49pm EST

    Yes absolutely Jeannamo, 

    I've had every version of KARDIO EKG mounting plate from its enception to the present model. All of them have detected AFIB when I was in AFIB or going out of AFIB. Even when I was in our Sat Eve Church service about 4 years ago.  I had eaten some Frozen Yogurt about an hour before the service at a Popular yogurt shop then off to Church. Well at the end of the service my Racing thumping up and down Heart Rate went ballistic. HR read 198 then 200 then dropped to 140's. It must have been a good Church service message. But I did get the recording logged, sent it to KARIDO Mobilie for analysis. I made a rushed appointment to my Cardiologist office immediatley the next Monday. Yes faster than a speeding AFIB bullet. 

    Yes a serious AFIB occurence was documented sent to my EP and Cardiologist And I do have an AICD/Pacemaker device. Now three weeks shy of 7 years old.It does work but you have to be kind of quiet and calm during your reading. Difficult to do when your heart is thumpping and bouncing all over the spectrum. THis EKG reading I believe lead to a Rapid Scheduling of my 1s CRYO-Ablation April 2014.  KARIDO EKG plate does work with a pacemaker! (sometimes you will get a reading "possible AFIB" though. Worth the $99.00.

  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, April 29,  2018  2:17pm EST

    Thanks for the information, DepotDoug....now  I will re-consider getting a Kardia, even though I have a pacemaker.

    Best wishes,


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