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ocalasun, April 28,  2018  11:30am EST

Kardia Mobile

Anyone using this device with their smart phone?    It's $99 on Amazon and I was wondering if I should purchase it.   I thought I would like it to keep a record of my AFib episodes.   I feel that my cardiologist doesn't believe me when I tell her I have episodes.  

Also, when I have an episode at home, what do I do?  They are never over 120 bpm, but they are debilitating.   



  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, May 6,  2018  10:11am EST

    Kardia Mobile works with iPads as well as Android and iPhone smartphones.  


  • mamazipp
    mamazipp, May 5,  2018  8:38pm EST

    I have a Kardia mobile and I use it with my Android phone.  I do have it fixed to my phone so it’s always where I can find it, as it’s very small and it would easily get lost.  I am not able to access the feature of sending it to a cardiologist for instant analysis as I live in Canada, but I use it and save the readings on my computer..  I learned about it here and showed it to my Cardiologist and he was most impressed with it and allows me to send him readings I have questions about.

     I notice it does have a lot of artifact, and requires being very stilll when using it.  It can be difficult when your heart is racing and you’re anxious...but even so you can keep repeating it. I have never been in AFib when I’ve done a reading, and think I am, and that is very reassuring.  

    My cardiologist was so impressed with the gadget it now recommends it to patients.

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, May 5,  2018  4:03pm EST

    I’m a KARDIA user but do not permanently adhere it to my iPhone back.Been a Kardia user since 2014. That was when they came out with the original smaller plate. 

    One note::: all the tech advice for KARDIA EKG measuring needs to be done by “being as still as possible”. Calm cool and collected Sitting still and not moving a bit absolutely not at all. 

    Thats my understanding and believe it makes a difference. But Very Difficult to do when thy heart is racing thumbing bouncing around at 175 - 225 BPM. Makes sense.

  • crystale
    crystale, May 5,  2018  3:35pm EST


    I have had the Kardia since Nov. 2017, when the cardiologist suggested that I use it.  She caught my AFib and sent me to an EP.  My EP doesn't like it and won't talk to me about any of my readings.  He tells me too many artifacts.  The Kardia is more of a piece of mind for me.  I believe the American Heart Association has approved using of the Kardia.  Again, it depends upon your doctor.

  • zispac
    zispac, May 4,  2018  9:33am EST

    Yes, I purchased Kardia Mobile last month.  I also wanted it as a record if I did go into Afib for my cardiologist.  The instructions are good & will tell you how to use it.  I did not purchase the premium option which I think can send it directly to your cardiologist.

  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 4,  2018  5:49am EST

    Yes.  You will need an Iphone.  Works even better if you have an apple watch.  Then the kardia sort of watchs you 24/7 and will alert you when you need to take an EKG and the EKG is on the wrist band.

  • JaniceGibbs
    JaniceGibbs, May 4,  2018  3:22am EST

    Doesn't it require an iPhone too? Or can you use the Kardia by itself? Thanks


  • Eagle1
    Eagle1, May 1,  2018  4:04pm EST

    I use one and find it very effective. You can get your ekg results immediately and email them to your doctor or anyone else you want. My cardiologist compared with his ekg machine and said it was very effective.

  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, April 29,  2018  2:17pm EST

    Thanks for the information, DepotDoug....now  I will re-consider getting a Kardia, even though I have a pacemaker.

    Best wishes,


  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, April 29,  2018  12:49pm EST

    Yes absolutely Jeannamo, 

    I've had every version of KARDIO EKG mounting plate from its enception to the present model. All of them have detected AFIB when I was in AFIB or going out of AFIB. Even when I was in our Sat Eve Church service about 4 years ago.  I had eaten some Frozen Yogurt about an hour before the service at a Popular yogurt shop then off to Church. Well at the end of the service my Racing thumping up and down Heart Rate went ballistic. HR read 198 then 200 then dropped to 140's. It must have been a good Church service message. But I did get the recording logged, sent it to KARIDO Mobilie for analysis. I made a rushed appointment to my Cardiologist office immediatley the next Monday. Yes faster than a speeding AFIB bullet. 

    Yes a serious AFIB occurence was documented sent to my EP and Cardiologist And I do have an AICD/Pacemaker device. Now three weeks shy of 7 years old.It does work but you have to be kind of quiet and calm during your reading. Difficult to do when your heart is thumpping and bouncing all over the spectrum. THis EKG reading I believe lead to a Rapid Scheduling of my 1s CRYO-Ablation April 2014.  KARIDO EKG plate does work with a pacemaker! (sometimes you will get a reading "possible AFIB" though. Worth the $99.00.

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