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MrDon55, April 26,  2018  6:51pm EST

Chemo and AFIB

I had my first AFIB attack in '05. A cardioversion lasted 10 years. Then I got it again after a streeful session with my Health Care Provider during Open Enrollment. Another cardioversion. Then I was diagnosed with Multiple Meyloma. Not much. Just starting up. Caught it early. Chemo was only pills. BUT those pills kept giving me monthly attacks, cardoversions and two ablations. The Dr and surgeon began to disagree as to treatments and now I'm looking at a third cardioablation. One says a pacemaker will keep me in NSR when chemo is restarted. The surgeon says, at 62, I'm too young, it is a last resort tactic and it is not indicated for AFIB. What to do? Tried three different types of chemo pills and infusions. I've begun to have attacks at home while OFF chemo. I self rescued with a teasoon of salt to bring the BP up and 2 liters of water and a Xanax to bring the pulse rate down. Any ideas would be welcome.   Don

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