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Deb M, February 25,  2018  1:39pm EST

What to expect in hospital for "tikosyn load"

I am going into the hospital next Wednesday for "tikosyn load". My doctor's office is not very forthcoming with information. Can anyone tell me what to expect? How is the load done and monitored? Is the load constant through IV or only at particular times? Do you have to actually lay in a bed for 3 days or can you get up and move around? Can you shower? What should you take to the hospital with you? Were you able to have visitors? How long before you can resume normal activies when you return home? Has being on this medication changed your life style?I would appreciate any advice anyone has. Thank you.
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  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 25,  2018  11:54pm EST
    I can help you with that as I did my loading back in Nov.  You will get a dose every 6 hours or so and it is a pill.  You will be a constant cardiac monitor to watch your heart to see how you.  For me, I was in the ICU the whole time and they came in and did vitals every fours hours on me and an EKG about six times a day.  I converted back to NSR after the first dose, but came back out about a day later.  If you do the three days of Tik and still are in AFib they might want to do a cardioversion at the end like they did me.So life on the inside... you can move around at least in the ward as you don't feel sick.  I did 10,000 steps each day by doing laps in the ICU every three hours as I was bored out of my mind.  Bring clothes as theirs suks.  Warm sweats, t-shirt and a sweater and most importantly warm fuzzy socks.  Bring a good pillow as their are horrid and getting some sleep will help.  Books and a laptop with movies or games is also a must.  Below is a pix of me running my office from the ICU for three days (I went in late Sunday night and came out Thur).  I conducted several telecons with people around the world and was working on a classified computer the whole time (I'm military and the ICU has a WiFi that my CI guys cleared for me to use).  Few on the other end of my emails or telephone knew I was in the ICU.Showers... yes.  so don't worry about that.  Bring some toiletries. Visitors yes.  My wife came by daily and brought some food as their is horrid.  good place to contemplate a diet. I was actually going to see if I could get a pizza delivered to the ICU but never did it.  Maybe next time.  Normal activities.  I left in pretty big continuous AFib but I returned to work the after the weekend by taking Friday off.  I'd take a day off just to rest as you will not get a good nights sleep in the ICU.So it is easy... don't worry.  Just think of it as a spa with a cardiac montior (ha!)
  • Eagle1
    Eagle1, February 28,  2018  1:16am EST
    Thanks for your information. Are you back in rythm? It was suggested I do the same with the drug Sotalol but I'm having doubts as to it's effectiveness.
  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 28,  2018  1:23am EST
    I’m in rhythm part of the time. Not that since my Tik loading, I’ve had an ablation and my second round of cardioversionsEach patient is different. It didn’t work for me, but might for you. The docs use a lot of trial and error in their approach to care so it might be worth the try.Ask about cardiovert’ing if the Tik doesn’t work. This is the general progression if Tik doesn’t bring you back into NSR. And three days days in the ICU is fun. You have that also.
  • evalovic
    evalovic, February 28,  2018  4:59am EST
    Decided to add my experience as it was so different.  I was at MGH in Boston.  Seems they do introduction to Tikasyn on weekends.  I was on a cardiac floor probably like a step down unit and there were about 10 other Tikasyn patients there at the same time.  We were told to bring pants etc but wore johnnies to cover the  EKG leads on our chests, and walked around etc.and were not treated as sick.  There was a lounge on the floor and we wound up chatting as a group a few time just by chance.We were on continuous monitoring as we walked about. We took meds by mouth and at least for me, my Tikasyn dose was adjusted down. I brought books on a kindle, my smart phone and other things to do.As I recall it was 3days/2 nights, no big deal though apparently since we were on a cardiac floor we were on low fat, low sodium, low sugar diets and the food was abysmal.Seemed the EPs had extra staff on the floor and there were signs flashing as we walked around on the floor with our room numbers and relevent cardiac indicators.
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