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Blkat131, March 16,  2018  10:37am EST

Urgent alert from pocket ecg

Hello all,

I was recently diagnosed with afib/rvr, and my doctor ordered a pocket ecg for one month. I am not taking any drugs for this condition, as I could not tolerate them, not because I didn't want to. Anyhow the cardiologist office just called and gave me an appointment on Tuesday due to an alert they received overnight from my monitor, but did not tell me what it was specifically. Does anyone here have experience with these monitors or know why an alert would be generated?  I had a short spike in hr up to about 130 which quickly resolved, and later woke in the middle of the night with my heart thumping like crazy, not high rate but very irregular. Now of course Im even more anxious than I was, waiting for a call back from a nurse. Thanks for any insights.

3 Replies
  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 16,  2018  2:16pm EST
    Blkat - Sounds like an Afib episode when you were sleeping.  You can't really tell without seeing the EKG that your doc got. How do you feel now?   When were you diasgnosed with AFib?  And what drugs are you taking now?And how did you get a such responsive doc?  I show up in the ER and then the cardiac ICU and never even comes up the one floor to see how I am doing.  So, I think you are doing pretty good on the doc side.I think with the weekend upon us, they won't be calling till Monday.  I'd try to relax as much as a you can.  Sorry, it bites but that is really all you can do at this time.  Of course, if it gets really bad then go into the ER or call 911.  Each of us has that point when we need immediate medical help.  that you have to decide for yourself.Spencer
  • Wiggles
    Wiggles, March 17,  2018  5:45am EST
    Yes when I wore the 30 days Holter monitor, the monitor company notified my doctor's office when an AFib episode was identified and dr.'s nurse called me the next day - needed to go in immediately and start on blood thinner, then get referred to the EP
  • Hobbyist
    Hobbyist, March 17,  2018  7:33am EST
    I suspect you had an Afib episode and they will put you on blood thinners.  try and relax until then. others are correct. at least they called you right away!! that's a good sign
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