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Spencer, March 24,  2018  8:08am EST

Update from Spencer... getting @#$@ again

OK.  Now, I didn't do it not to say that I didn't think it... but my cardiac doc broke his should.  Remember this doc - yelled at me when asking about other options, performed a cardioversion on me after I told him that I didn't approve one, and cooed about how intelligent and talented he was after my last ablation and then I had a heart attack 3 days later.  Well - he is out.  My ablation was moved from 4 Apr to 5 Apr and I have a new doc.  But, I will not be allowed to meet with this doc until I am on the OR table. I tried to get some info but since this is all military, there is zero records online.  The doc could have multiple malpractice claims against him, or have terrible success with ablations.  I don't know.  I only know that he is a doc and that is about it.  

So I will be operated on for cardiac surgery by someone that I don't know and won't meet until the moment before I am put under.  I have gotten worse from every single operation in this clinic and my symtpoms have gone from annoyance to debilitating and life threathening.  I can't back out as my VA benefits could be denied because I am not doing what is being perscribed.  So I's @@#$@ again.  Par for the course.


Waiting for my Sunrise

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, March 25,  2018  8:24am EST

    I'm sure it's frustrating that you won't meet your doc until surgery but you were absolutely right to want to switch. I have had disagreements with my cardiologist and she handles it professionally. You should be given the same treatment. I know it's easy for me to say but don't lament about the quality of your new doctor. Try and put faith into the proven technology we currently have that affords us the ability to have the second chances at life. Many procedures that weren't available years ago have become routine today with an extraordinary success rates. I have always been thankful that my heart surgery gave me back my life. Best of luck to you with your surgery and your new physician.

  • JeffB
    JeffB, March 25,  2018  9:12am EST


    You have every right to be both angry and afraid. You also have a human right to discuss your concerns with the Dr. I can't speak to how the VA works but my hope is that you find a way to have a more direct voice in the conversation regarding your treatment plan. One which makes you feel less like a victim of the system and more about having medical staff that are your allies in the fight against your condition.

    I am personaly wishing you the best possible outcome during this next phase for you. Hang in there and be vocal. Try to find the right form of communication that will work within the VA system so that you can maximize your experience and achieve a positive outcome.

    Best of luck to you buddy,


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