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mikeqi2011, September 16,  2017  3:46pm EST

Providers in Southern California for ablation or mini-maze

Hi everyone! I joined the group and introduced myself in June after being diagnosed with persistent afib, mostly asymptomatic. My cardiologist and a very young EP at UCLA basically recommend that I just live with it. I'm an otherwise healthy 70 year old, work out 3-5 times a week and lead an active lifestyle. I'm on Eliquis and Metoprolol (12.5 twice a day). My heart is otherwise healthy. I was diagnosed in March but have probably been in afib for 12 - 18 months (don't know for sure).

My concern is about the long term toll of persistent afib and am exploring other doctors/opinions. Given that I have persistent afib, I have reached out to Dr. Randall Wolf in Houston regarding the mini-maze and am trying to identify equally reputable providers in Southern California (for mini-maze or ablation). I would very much appreciate recommendations of providers as well as thoughts in general.

My cardiologist told me that, if I were his brother, he would tell me the same, i.e., stop worrying, take the meds to control the risks, monitor and enjoy life. I hear him, but I'm not ready to accept this without additional consultations. BTW, I don't feel that the afib is truely asymptomatic. It's not the same as NSR, you know you're in it from this strange feeling of unease, and you tire a bit more easily....

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! And thanks to Melanie and everyone who makes this forum possible....

  • CindyH
    CindyH, September 16,  2017  9:00pm EST
    Hi. There's another Afib site that swears by Dr Natale at the Austin Arrythmia institute. He also has an office in SF.  You aren't on a rhythm control drug? It's interesting how some docs are aggressive and others not at all.
  • tennisguy7
    tennisguy7, September 16,  2017  10:59pm EST
    I am also 70 and active. I chose to be aggressive given that I in otherwise good health. I had an ablation in April and so far No problems. I am in SoCal and used Aseem Desai in mission viejo.  He is the director of the EP group at mission hospital.  I think he is great. Or his colleague dr. Hung.  Feel free to use my name.glad to talk. David. 949 4394503
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, September 17,  2017  6:16am EST
    Dr. Wolf created the mini maze, but there are also many other doctors now that do the procedure (called the TTM, totally thoracoscopic maze, using the AtriCure bipolar radiofrequency clamp).You can find a list of surgeons in California that treat afib by using the StopAfib.org Afib Services Locator. From the Designation dropdown box, select Surgeon. Then select California or put in a zip code and the distance from it to search. You'll find a lot of surgeons that do the procedured in California. (I can't guarantee that all are currently at the same center, but the list is relatively up to date.)Mellanie
  • DanBruce
    DanBruce, September 17,  2017  11:07am EST
    I had my mini maze at St Helena Hospital in the Napa Valley. They have a special arrhythmia center.Dr Gan Dunnington performed his 970th procedure on me. He was one of the pioneers of the mini maze at Stanford Univ. That is basically all he does, and trains other doctors on the procedure I already had 4 coronary stents at that time, but never have had an actual heart attack.Their procedure is the mini maze, and 6 weeks later to do a modified ablation. They also clamp off the atrial appendage to help prevent blood clots. I no longer take anticoagulants.St Helena Hospital 707-963-3611855-222-2342Dr Peter Chang-Sing did the ablation. He works directly with Dr Dunnington. His number. 707-573 7070Good luck.
  • OUMike
    OUMike, September 18,  2017  6:36am EST
    DanBruce,​Thank you for the helpful referral.​OUMike
  • Heartfelt
    Heartfelt, September 19,  2017  7:23am EST
    I am a patient of Dr. David Cannom at Good Samaritian in Los Angeles. I too live in Orange county  CA and pretty much went through all of the EP in Oc We then went to UCLA and Cedar Siani and went throught their EPs.We found Dr. Cannom at Good Samaritian....He is the most knowledgeable man I found in this area. He is  kind patient and thoughtful. But as one of my other specialist said he is one of the most Brillant men he ever met and when your dealing with a complex issue like Afib. You want someone like this. He is worth checking out. People come from all over the world to see him.
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, September 19,  2017  7:45am EST
    Dan,Dr. Gan Dunnington is world-renowned, as are his EP colleagues, Dr. Bing Liem and Dr. Peter Chang-Sing, and all came out of Stanford. They have been busy perfecting the hybrid ablation to an art-form. Mellanie
  • lleviel
    lleviel, September 20,  2017  9:49pm EST
    Check out Dr Gregory Feld at UCSD. My EP in Boston recommended him when I moved to the San Diego area
  • mikeqi2011
    mikeqi2011, September 22,  2017  5:33am EST
  • Marktaxman
    Marktaxman, September 23,  2017  5:45am EST
    Dr. Lee at Hoag in Newport Beach is an exceptional EP.  Has performed about 3,000 ablations. I've been in sinus Rhythm since the day of my ablation almost two years ago.
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