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Marcolandin, February 11,  2018  10:15am EST

Houston doctor

Does anyone know a great doctor for afib in Houston, everyone tells me to go to st. Luke’s hospital but I would like something more specific. I had an ablation last year and I still go into afib everyday. I even was placed on more meds. I’m 34 and I know there is no “cure” but going into afib everyday keeps me from working out and enjoying trips with friends and family. Thank you for the help
  • Eagle1
    Eagle1, February 11,  2018  11:38am EST
    I used Dr Wolf at Hermann Memorial and his associate Dr Drtil. I feel both are great and know what they are doing.
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, February 11,  2018  11:53am EST daughter lives in Houston and she is very familiar with the medical professions there because of her work.  I will ask her about a facility and/or an electrophysiologist with a good reputation for heart arrhythmias.    I am sure there are some good ones there to choose from and understand why you are anxious to find one you can trust to be experienced and an expert in this medical field.  I'll let you know if I find out.Best regards, Jean (My A-fib Expereince Community Leader)
  • Marcolandin
    Marcolandin, February 11,  2018  12:09pm EST
    Thank you I really appreciate it
  • cookieis
    cookieis, February 12,  2018  2:38am EST
    i use dr. andre natale in austin, i cant express enough how wonderful he is...
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, February 12,  2018  5:09am EST are a couple of suggestions that may be helpful for you.  I cannot personally vouch for these, but my daughter says they are all good.Dr. Shih at Mermorial Hermann....she says he is very calm and extremely caring for his patients.  says that St. Lukes is a good cardiac hospital.Also...Methodist: Of  course, Dr. Natale in Austin and his group of electrophysiologists are excellent if you are willing to travel.You may want to investigate these possibilities further.Best wishes to you..Jean (My A-fib Experience Community Leader)

  • Marcolandin
    Marcolandin, February 12,  2018  8:55am EST
    Thank you, I think I will try the st Luke’s since that is the one I hear the most first. Hopefully everything works out
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, February 12,  2018  9:31am EST
    Marco, I feel sure  you can find a good electrophysiologist at St. Luke's. Be sure to have a list of questions that you want answered when you have your appointment and try to get explanations that you can understand about medicines and/or treatments.  It would be a good idea to get an appointment as soon as you can because when the doctors are so busy with procedures, sometimes there can be a "wait'.  One of the questions you might ask is how many ablations the EP does each year and how many are done in the facility.  You've had one ablation that was not successful, but sometimes repeat ablations are necessary. I've had 3 ablations before I have finally stayed in normal sinus rhythm for more than 3 years now.  I still take Eliquis as a safegaurd against stroke if the a-fib returns (because of my age and being female).If you should decide to try Dr. Shih at Memorial Hermann, my daughter says he is very comtemplative and deeply cares for his patients in evaluating their case and recommending treatment.  There is also the recommendation made by Eagle1 for Dr. Wolf at Memorial Hermann that you may consider.Probably many of the options available in your area will be good ones.Best regards, Jean(My A-fib Experience Community Leader)
  • Laurajobusch
    Laurajobusch, February 13,  2018  4:26am EST
    Good day fellow Afib patient,I am going for a pulmonary vein ablation in April. It is my understanding that sometimes one needs a second or third ablation before they see success from the procedure. There is a high success rate given that. Just something to consider.Laura Jo
  • lacarr5
    lacarr5, February 14,  2018  2:09am EST
    I have been seeing Dr. Nadir Ali for the past 4 years for AFIB and he is a wonderful doctor. Their office is Heart Physicians of Clear Lake in Webster but I think they have a location in the Med Center. He is an athlete himself, so understands those who still want an active lifestyle. The whole staff is professional and personable and very competent!! I highly recommend Dr. Ali!!
  • gammapat
    gammapat, February 14,  2018  3:03pm EST
    So far I have been very pleased with Dr. Cheng. He is in the med center in Houston and next to SW Memorial (or whatever they call it now)
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