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Patio, March 8,  2018  3:34pm EST

Hospitals recommended

Can anyone give me a hospital that is best for ablation or maze in Florida or New England?
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  • Cantrell
    Cantrell, March 10,  2018  8:14am EST
    I live in south Florida and would be interested in this answer also.
  • Millerrep
    Millerrep, March 11,  2018  4:04am EST
    Dr.  Fishel who operates out of JFK Hospital in Pam Beach County, Lake Worth area.   Hi ratings, busy and many consider at the top of the field.
  • teanderson
    teanderson, March 12,  2018  11:54pm EST
    I live right here in Norfolk area. Who is the best EP in this area?
  • Mellanie at
    Mellanie at, March 14,  2018  6:27am EST

    teanderson,It is not possible to know who are the best doctors (those "best doctor" lists are often just paid advertisements).Philip J Gentlesk, MD, FHRS, FACC, is the EP at Sentara in Norfolk that was involved in forming the National Alliance of Integrated Afib Centers mentioned in the article above that Dave posted. (Dr. Jonathan Philpott is the surgeon there at Sentara who is president of the alliance.)I encourage those looking for electrophysiology (EP) specialists to check our Afib Services Locator at ( or the directory at their medical society, the Heart Rhythm Society Those who have earned the FHRS (Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society) designation are generally the most skilled and most experienced.Mellanie

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