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KelliDoug, June 28,  2017  9:53pm EST

What helped you get healthier? Diet Plan? Coach? Documentary? Books? Blogs?


I'm looking for documentaries, support groups, healthy diet plans and life coaches with a dietitian background or specialization in AF.

 I am following my EP's advice and medication recommendations exactly, but I would like to take control of any of the triggers and do anything I can do to have a healthy heart.  I could use to lose about 25 pounds and up my exercise.  I am choosing to avoid alcohol, caffeine and any other potential triggers at this point.

I turn 50 on Tuesday and feel I must do all I can to improve my heath.  I was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago with p AFib.   I am an American living in the UK.

What did you find successful and motivating for you to take control of your health and reduce triggers?

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  • likesquilting
    likesquilting, June 29,  2017  9:15am EST
    My biggest help in reducing my afib was seeing a sleep doctor and being prescribed a bipap machine to help with my sleep apnea.  When I wore a 30-day monitor it was obvious that most of my episodes of afib were happening at night.  If you visit you can read about the close relationship between sleep apnea and afib.  I would say that treating the sleep apnea eliminated about 90% of my heart arhythmia/afib events.  I try to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly on my stationary bike.  Getting enough sleep is also key for me as I notice more problems when I'm short on rest and know exhaustion to be a trigger for my afib.  I keep a journal of what I eat and the exercise I do.  Things are under control at present without my having to take medication for heart rhythm.  This being said, I am always mindful that afib and some other heart arrythmias are a possibility and I try to listen to what my body is telling me and not push myself over much if tired.  I hope these ideas are helpful to you and others.  I count my fortunate to be an active 71-year-old.  Best of luck to you and the others who are searching for answers to help their afib!  It's never a one-size fits all solution, so just keep trying.
  • reneemewbourne
    reneemewbourne, June 30,  2017  4:57am EST
    Hi, There!  We sound like we're in the same boat for sure.  I'm 48 and in relatively good health except for this pesky heart thing.  I'm very new to this (4 days new) and in no way educated enought to distribute sage wisdom on the subject.  But they say one of my triggers was diet/dehydration and I had to meet with a dietician.  I was dieting the wrong way, starving myself basically and not taking in enough water or calories.  So please, however you plan to get healthy don't do it that way.  She suggested the Fast Metabolism Diet (I got the book from Amazon) and it sounds pretty awesome.  I'm plan to start following it on Monday.  As far as excersise, I'm a yoga girl.  I do an hour of high intense yoga 6 days a week with one day of restorative.  After I start to feel "back to normal" I plan to hit the gym with my daughter who is a physical therapist and a boxer and learn to do some light punching bag exercises to help with the stress (you know, pretend it's your bosses face, etc).  I do have a question for you....did you cut out wine completely?  Please say no!!!!  Let me know how you're doing and I'll keep you posted on this diet I'm about to start!Renee"
  • Debra1
    Debra1, January 27,  2021  11:52am EST

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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, January 28,  2021  9:11am EST

    Lots of good advice here.  Let me emphasize the need to stay hydrated.   It really affects your energy level.  Unless you enjoy drinking water (I find it boring), develop some system to measure out (and drink) your 6-8 cups of water per day.  All the best, and keep us posted!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, January 29,  2021  5:53am EST

    Hi KelliDoug, My name us Doug aka depotdoug

    1. I stopped alcohol 3 months before my SCA. It was not soon enough. No alcohol since 02/12/2011!!!

    2. I've lost 50+ #'s still could should loose 18#
    3. Sleep Apnea yes. Restarted CPAP Use Oct 2020. Love it keep using my Phillips Dreamstation CPAP machine. Did i say i love it!!!

    4. Diet: veggies and fruit

    5. I am fighting Adv Prostate Csncer S4 w/metastatic starus. I do not need AFIB return!

    6. This AFIB Blog. Love it.

    7. Research on AFIB, yes. 
    8. had very successful RF Cath ablation May 6th 2020.! Love its results. 268 days NSR.

    Thats enough for now.

    keep us informed KelliDoug from


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