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joegee, May 3,  2017  7:08am EST

Try Skullcap

Skullcap is an herb that I discovered by doing a Google search for "afib herbs". I bought capsules made by Nature's Way. I take 2 at night before bed, 1 when I awaken, and 1 if symptoms arise. It has worked better than anything I have tried. For blood thinning I take an aspirin at night, and a 400iu vitamin e capsule in the morning. I've had a-fib since I was around 23; I'm 53 now. I wasn't officially diagnosed with a-fib until last year when I collapsed from 3 TIA's. I do not take any other medication for my condition, except for potassium supplements. As soon as the seeds arrive, I will grow the skullcap myself for tea or encapsulation. I think tea may be better for quick relief, while capsules may be best for overnight, or all day relief. I hope this helps someone.
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  • jessie2
    jessie2, May 3,  2017  10:49am EST
    Hello Joegee,   I am very interested in learning about any supplement or natural product as an alternative to some of the toxic drugs usually prescribed for afib.  You didn't say exactly what symptom the skullcap relieves for you.  Is it the arrhythmia itself that this affects?  It sounds like whatever your are doing is working  for you since you have experieced this condition for so long a time.  Good for you.  I will read about skullcap; I know nothing about it except that it is a plant of some kind.  jessie2
  • outofafib
    outofafib, February 11,  2021  10:37pm EST

    Thank you for this post. Of all the nutrients I studied and used when I fell into Afib I did not come across this one. I will have to check this out. Thanks again. 


  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, February 12,  2021  8:46am EST

    Joegee, great to hear what's working for you.  However, I urge you to see an electrophysiologist (EP), if you aren't already.   I had AFIb with few symptoms for several years, did not feel bad, but by the time I got to an EP, my heart had deteriorated to the place where I was afraid open-heart surgery might be necessary. Fortunately, it was not, but by that time, ablations didn't work for me, either, and I had to have an alternative procedure, and I am in permanent AFib.

    Also, if you see an EP he/she will tell you that aspirins do not work for blood thinning, since they work on the blood in a different way from something like warfarin or Eliquis.  To protect yourself from stroke, you need to stop the aspirin and use a more traditional blood thinner (in consultation  with your EP).

    I don't blame you (and others here) for wanting to take things other than some of the usual AFib meds.  But please see an EP who can make sure that your heart is not slowly deteriorating.  Ablations, if done in time by an expert, are the closest thing to a "cure" for AFib.  I wish I'd known to see an EP when I first got AFib.   Let us know how things are going!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

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