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tw2015, July 22,  2017  1:48pm EST

Tracking afib episodes

Hello- Has anyone found a phone app that tracks afib episodes and possible triggers?  I foud an app called Cara, which appears to track food and digestion, but I haven't used it long enough to see any tracking or data it produces.  And it doesn't track afib episodes per se, I can enter it as an "additional symptom".  I would love something where I can enter my food, exercise, afib episodes etc. and it produces some kind of tracking/trending over time.  

5 Replies
  • betty287
    betty287, July 23,  2017  7:10am EST
    I use the premium version of Instant Heart rate by Azumio.
  • Lolo
    Lolo, July 23,  2017  12:50pm EST
    Heat Rate monitors cannot distinquish various causes of tachycardia. Heart Rhythm monitors can. I use the Alivecorp Kardia app and its sensors that attach to my Iphone.
  • KelliDoug
    KelliDoug, July 24,  2017  3:29am EST
    I also use AliveCor's Kardia monitor with the iPhone and can't recommend it highly enough.  There is a subscription fee for more premium functions.
  • rbennett00
    rbennett00, July 24,  2017  7:32am EST
    +1 on the Kardia monitor and app
  • williamcrane
    williamcrane, July 26,  2017  7:00am EST
    I also use the Kardia monitor. Great little device and app.
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