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Alice H., July 1,  2017  10:06am EST


     I just had a Pacemaker installed yesterday. The surgery went well. Seemed quite simple on my part. Checked into the hospital, got prepped with an IV line, blood draw etc. Had Consscious Sedation during the procedure which took about 40 minutes. Back to a room, ordered and ate breakfast. A few more things checked on by very competent nurses, and went home. Only have some moderate tenderness at the site. Limited use of the arm is minor problem, but that's only for a short time.

     My main issue was that my heart rate was sometimes too slow. Had  a single episode of passing out. (At a social event with lots of friends around. Scared everyone :-)

     My Afib first showed up a year ago as an irregualar heatbeat on my blood pressure machine. Talked to my PCP about it. He ordered a EKG. Started Warfarin which is no problem. Will find out soon if any of my BP meds need to be changed. My advise is to keep in contact with your doctors and keep a positive attitude. At 82 I plan on being around for more years!
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  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, July 1,  2017  10:32am EST
    Hello, Alice!  I'm glad you've had no problems with getting your pacemaker and it should take care of the heart rate issue quite well.  I think your positive attitude along with maintaining a close relationship with your doctors will be very beneficial to your good health and  I am glad you are sharing your experiences with this group! Keep letting everyone know how you are doing.Best wishes to you....Jean(MyA-FibExperience Community Leader)
  • Ileen
    Ileen, July 2,  2017  1:00pm EST
    God bless you! Here I am whining about having afib and a pacemaker, and having a terrible time accepting the afib!( was hard enough with the pacemaker, first) You inspire me to be more positive and life life to the full! thank you, Ileen
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