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, September 27,  2017  7:06pm EST

Omega 3

Hello-  My cardiac preventionist told me to stop taking Omega 3 as it was bad for my heart.  I am wondering if anyone else has been told this?  I have attempted to find information on the internet verifiying that Omega 3 isn't good for my heart, but so far I have only read the opposite.  I sure would be interested in other folks opinions and if their physicians have also told them to stay away from it.   Thank you in advance for any replys.  Serenityali (Alison)
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  • Morwenna
    Morwenna, September 28,  2017  2:20am EST
    Serenityali,                   I've taken Omega 3 for years and my cardiologist approves. I understand it is good for the heart .
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, September 28,  2017  6:01am EST
    I've never heard of it being bad for the heart. It was believed to prevent arrhythmias, but no research has yet proven that. It is considered helpful for those who already have arrhythmias, but I haven't seen research proving it. But, I've never heard of it being bad for the heart.Did he elaborate? Maybe he miscommunicated and meant that it has not been proven to help.Mellanie
  • linspack
    linspack, September 29,  2017  3:51am EST
    My primary care doctor asked me to stop taking fish oil because I am now on a blood thinner and omega 3's have some blood thinning properties.Linda
  • jsawdon
    jsawdon, September 29,  2017  5:37am EST
    Or maybe he was talking about omega-6
  • September 29,  2017  12:35pm EST
    He was quite specific....I was taking Omega 3 and he said stop it and read about the affects on the internet.  It has been recommended by my chiropractor, who I have a lot of respect for.  I am now taking liquid Omega 3, but wanted to check if anyone here has been told to stop taking it.  Thank you.....I will remain on it.   Serenityali
  • September 30,  2017  6:29am EST
    I suspect this is what he was referring to......it being a blood thinner and the use of warfarin.  From what I have read warfarin also thins bones, so by using Omega 3, I should be able to cut down the amount of warfarin.  I think that's all good for me.   Thank you for the response.   Serenityali
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, October 1,  2017  10:13am EST
    Serenityali,How would you know you could cut down on warfarin since the INR only measures the impact of warfarin, not any other "blood thinning"?Mellanie
  • yuri
    yuri, October 2,  2017  10:04am EST
    Probably everything depends on dosage and type of AfibFor example, this is the warning from manual of "Lovaza":<... there is a possible association between LOVAZA and more frequent recurrences of symptomaticatrial fibrillation or flutter in patients with paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation, particularlywithin the first 2 to 3 months of initiating therapy.LOVAZA is not indicated for the treatment of AF or flutter.>And this is from Consumer Lab.com:ConsumerLab.com AnswersQuestion:Are there any serious side effects with Lovaza or Epanova (prescription fish oil)? If so, would these also apply to generic versions of these drugs and to fish oil supplements?Answer:As discussed more detail in the "Concerns and Cautions" section of the Fish Oil Supplements Review, Lovaza and Epanova may cause increases in liver enzymes and "bad" cholesterol. Lovaza may also increase the frequency of heart rhythm problems. The same side effects would be expected with generic versions of these drugs but not necessarily with fish oil supplements which provide lower doses of EPA and DHA. Interestingly, these particular side effects have not been reported with a prescription fish oil which does not contain DHA, but can cause joint pain.In another publications about omega -3 [ OPERA does not sing praises for fish oil in AF [Arrhythmia/EP > Arrhythmia/EP; Nov 05, 2012]    •    Omega-3 PUFAs don't protect against new AF in heart failure: GISSI-HF analysis [Heart failure > Heart failure; May 25, 2011]    •    Omega-3 PUFA caps don't suppress paroxysmal AF in randomized trial [Arrhythmia/EP > Arrhythmia/EP; Nov 15, 2010]it was said that only 0.63 g/per day is appropriate for Afibers, higher level of omega-3 PUFA have adverse effectYuri
  • minsmail
    minsmail, October 7,  2017  6:16am EST
    I was told not to take fish oil/omega 3 ( which is supposed to be good for fibromyalgia and joint pain...because I'm on Eliquis and it could thin my blood more.
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