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Shanfraz, September 20,  2017  12:22am EST

Magnesium defiency

I've just started to read Carolyn deans, the magnesium miracle for a new hope in Dealing with afib.  It already seems to be making a difference in the way I'm feeling.  In her book she describes many medical issues that may be addressed with a good magnesium supplement.  Just thought I would pass this along and see if anyone else has looked int this supplement.  I hope to be off metapropol shortly, I've been trying to wean myself off.  I'll let you know.
10 Replies
  • Sandra8952
    Sandra8952, September 20,  2017  2:15pm EST
    Hello, I'm here to support your idea that magnesium is helping. I was taking fleccainide and I kept telling my Dr it was making things worse. My heart was more excitable after taking it. I did my own study and read Dr Deans book as well. I stopped the fleccainide and after two days of the liquid ionic magnesium I felt my heart calm in my chest. I'm not saying this will be the case for everyone but it is certainly worth a try. I did have 3 ablations tho and was 6 months out from the third still having a fib and flutter. Just thought the meds were making things worse for me anyway. I am so convinced that it worked for me that I am afraid to miss a dose. I hope the same result for you as well. I have been a fib free for 14 months.
  • Shanfraz
    Shanfraz, September 21,  2017  4:12am EST
    I took the flecanide when I had a episode and I didn't feel well at all after. Couldn't really tell looking back if it was afib or panic attack.  Going to my naturalpathic doctor in two weeks.  Hope to get better answers and directions regarding the magnesium.  So I'm on day three of no metapropol and actually slept better last night and my general heartrate has gone down.  I'm experiencing some headaches and at times a bit shaky but I take my multi and b complex and it seems to pass.  I eat regularly so to feel stabilized.  I'm able to walk for an hour with no problems and my heartrate stays within normal range.ill let you know what she says.  I believe in NDs.  I also started my acupuncture to help with the panic and she seems to thinks she can help with my heartrate.  I've seems this woman during my thyroid problems and I know she helped.  Thanks for your comments. Carol
  • September 24,  2017  6:41am EST
    I take 250 mg of magnesium, is that the recommended amount for afib.  I read that one lady takes a liquid magnesium, where would I make this purchase?   Thank you Alison
  • Sandra8952
    Sandra8952, September 25,  2017  3:28am EST
    Allison, I take a liquid magnesium created by Dr Carolyn Dean. You can look her up on line and download her free book called the " magnesium miracle". She will direct you on starting doses and how to take it. Pills are fine but do cause a laxative effect and your body only absorbs a small amount of it. I feel it has really helped me and hope it will for you as well.
  • MollyPolly
    MollyPolly, September 25,  2017  3:44am EST
    I started taking magnesium gylcinate last March and it has made a wonderful difference for me.  I started slow with only 200 mg daily but now I'm taking 400 mg.  I'm doing so well that I'm afraid to miss a single dose!  I haven't had an afib episode since I started the magnesium and previously I'd been in the ER or an extra trip to the doctor's office many times over the previous 2 years.  I can actually work in my flower gardens now and leave the house to visit others and go shopping and go on vacation.  I did not think this was ever going to possible for me again.  I am still taking the same meds because I do not want to rock the boat in any way.  I have convinced my sister and a couple of other family members to begin taking magnesium too, it can't hurt.Molly
  • September 25,  2017  5:38am EST
    Sandra, thank you for the information.  I was diagnosed a year ago and just now found a web site to learn more.  I don't want to go back on medication, as I followed through with cardiac ablation so I could avoid medications.  If I can keep afib at bay through nutrition, exercise and suppliments this is my goal.  I am also a type 1 diabetic and have been told I will be on blood thinners the rest of my life.  I'm currently on warfarin and need to find an alternative asap.   Thank you again Serenityali (Alison)
  • Shanfraz
    Shanfraz, September 26,  2017  2:49am EST
    I ordered the re mag and look forward to starting the magnesium.  I'm curious has your doctor had any comments on you taking magnesium.
  • Sandra8952
    Sandra8952, September 26,  2017  3:18am EST
    Hi, my Dr. knows I take it but just grins at me when I tell him how much I think it has helped me. I flat out asked him at one time if I should be taking it and he said, no. I am a nurse and have done my own extensive study and I know that most people with a cardiac issue have a magnesium deficiency. Good luck!
  • Sandra8952
    Sandra8952, September 26,  2017  3:41am EST
    Molly Polly, I too feel the same way about magnesium. When I started taking it I felt my heart calm in my chest. I am a fib free for 14 months a truly believe magnesium is a big reason why. So many of the medications we are given deplete our bodies of magnesium. It is difficult to get enough magnesium  from foods where our world is over calcified with calcium being added to so many foods and it is much easier to get calcium through foods. Your calcium, potassium and magnesium have to be in check with each other for healthy heartbeat. I too am afraid to miss a dose.
  • Ileen
    Ileen, September 26,  2017  4:53pm EST
    I take magnesium too. I take Heart Calm I get on line with Amazon. I have only had one afib event about 3 months ago, so new at this. But, I know it helps my heart skips and pace!! So, why not the afib. I can't believe your Doctor laughed at you about taking it Sandra. My doctor has a few people who take it and he thinks it helps a lot!! Yes, I take prilosec and it sucks every  bit of magnesium out of your system. And don't be fooled by your serum mag number on blood test. It can say normal, but it is not showing how much you have at a cellular level. A cardiologist n England , did a study on this. You can see it on Ytube. His name is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He has many great videos on heart arrhythmias. I also use the magnesium oil at night for sore muscles and restless legs. ( and better sleep) I buy the purest one I can find and run  it on the soles of my feet before bed and any sore spots I have. Ok, I gotta go do that now!Oh, the Heart Calm has, Magnisium, Taurine, low dose Potassium and Coq10. All essential for good heart function. Take care!
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