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robotraccoon, January 4,  2018  11:51am EST

Magnesium and Potassium

Do any of you take magnesium or potassium supplements to help maintain normal sinus rhythm? If so, how much of each do you take daily, and which version (chelate) do you take?

I take Magnesium Gluconate 550mg twice daily.
  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, February 18,  2018  2:07am EST
    Dinkydoo, I take coumadin and a magnesium supplement (Doctor's Best) and notice no effect at all on my INR readings.Thumper2 (Judy)
  • dinkydoo
    dinkydoo, February 17,  2018  11:12am EST
    I take COUMADIN, will a supplement of magnesium and potassium intaerfere with my INR ratings. ??
  • Playwright
    Playwright, February 16,  2018  1:49pm EST
    I as thinking about magnesium and potassium supplements, but I take Xaralto. Would those supplements interfere? Would they interfere with my blood pressure med?
  • barbara1642
    barbara1642, January 15,  2018  12:56am EST
    I take 250 mg Cardio Research Magnesium Taurate with my PM pills.Before bed, I take 250 mg Triple Calm Mag.  I've been taking some form of Magnesium since my Triple Bypass in 2009.  Except once at the beginning, I ran out and didn't bother getting more.I had an 'incident'.....ended up in the ER & have taken Magnesium every day since then.  ~barbara  ♥
  • brown123
    brown123, January 14,  2018  8:21am EST
    As long as the body is low on magnesium it will not absorb the potassium.I corrected my afib with magnisium chloride liquid, magnesium citrate powder, and pills of magnesium taurate along with magnesium oil applied directly to the skin. I did not just take the normal dosage I took a lot. Hope that helps. I was also taking about 600 mgs a day. 65 will not make a dent.
  • Cardlady
    Cardlady, January 8,  2018  6:50am EST
    Very helpful as I was worried about taki ng that much mag and pot.  Are you on any medicine at all.?
  • frankibis
    frankibis, January 7,  2018  1:01am EST
    I take 665mg of magnesium glycinate twice a day as well as 99mg of chelated potassium daily. Both are from Piping Rock, a respected seller of vitamins and supplements. I drink seltzer water throughout the day and keep my caffeine intake down to two cups of coffee in the morning with an occasional cup of black or green tea in the afternoon.
  • Jinny
    Jinny, January 7,  2018  12:40am EST
    Realitychek: I saw a docuvideo yesterday where a patient stopped chronic leg cramps with vitamin E. You might want to try it.
  • DHoagland
    DHoagland, January 6,  2018  3:35am EST
    I found out by trial &error that a glass of V8 will stop my Afib if I take it soon enough. This discovery has led to my having a glass every morning. It is loaded with Potassium, 900mg per 8oz. I use the low sodium variety. Check your BP meds to see if you can handle it.I use a gel form of magnesium. If you have kidney issues, don’t use it, otherwise one once a day applied to skin or massaged into sore muscles works wonders. We are all different. I’m just sharing what works for me.
  • Margie
    Margie, January 6,  2018  12:10am EST
    I have been investigating magnesium and potassium for the past five months after serndipitously discovering that magnesium stopped my arrythmia of 15 years. Still have not been able to find a cardiologist or other MD who is willing to give me a hand on this journey of balancing minerals/electrolytes. I have discovered a treasure of information on a facebook group called Magnesium Advococy Group - and warmly you recommend you "join" the group and search through the many files available there to learn more about balancing minerals. Good luck!
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