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Oceanside, February 14,  2018  6:57am EST

Lifestyle Changes

I want to share with you how my electrophysiologist changed my life. After my diagnosis, following an ep study, she recommended I start on a plant based diet. She recommended I watch a movie called Forks over Knives which is an amazing documentary about heart disease, diabetes etc and the links to our western diet. She gave me two websites. Nutrition facts.org and nutrition studies.com as two great resources. Also, The book, Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman who has a similar meal plan which is a little more forgiving if you can’t be totally plant based. 
I embraced the diet, lost 40 pounds over 8 months. My blood pressure is now normal with no more medication. I no longer have to take flecanide for arrhythmia or diltiazam for rate control. I have had no afib for 9 months and I was having two hour episodes every two months! I wear an Apple Watch and use the Kardia device with my iPhone to take ecgs regularly to keep track. This way of eating can reverse type two diabetes and reverse arteriosclerosis (blocked arteries).  Please check it out. I didn’t like the medications and how they affected me. I do continue with eliquis because I am a female and over 65. But, if I continue afib free for over a year, I will ask my doctor if I can go off blood thinner.  I hope you can feel better, but sometimes we have to look to ourselves and change our lifestyle. It was hard for me to give up caffeine, dairy,most alcohol and sugar, processed foods etc. But, at the end of the day I feel better, no afib for now and I believe my disease is not progressing and may be reversing. Best to you.
7 Replies
  • zark
    zark, February 15,  2018  3:54am EST
    Excellent!  I have have been working on making similar changes, but did not have a consistent base from which to make decisions.  Your references help a lot.  Thank you!
  • Sherrytoed
    Sherrytoed, February 15,  2018  9:01am EST
    Thanks for sharing Oceanside, its great to hear what is working for everyone!
  • Cardlady
    Cardlady, February 21,  2018  5:10pm EST
    Anxiety was my enemy with A fib and I found uncommon knowledge theraputic hyponosisdownloads.com ...check it out. Dr furham using food as medicine out is amazing. Have been following him for years. Bravo for you
  • Drumz47
    Drumz47, May 20,  2018  4:26pm EST
    13938581_-Joes Pub.jpg.

    Greetings of great blessings and good health.

    I too was diagnosed with AFIB back in 2007 which was a direct result of my diet and lifestyle. I decided to get drastically serious about my lifestyle and diet so I radically changed both after a cardioeversion which brought me back to normal rhythm ' AGHH" the feeling was like magic until 4 years later my AFIB came back very mildly . I was under huge amounts of stress ,had just lost my job and taking care of my late aged mother was very hard . I  went back to my diet and I'm living a good quality life style with just takinng pradaxa to prevent stroke.    DIET WAS THE BIG KEY FOR ME AS WELL .. Thasnk you so much for sharing your stoty .  God bless.


  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, June 23,  2020  12:17am EST

    Wondering how you are doing. Has the changes remain constant? 

  • ewNY1
    ewNY1, September 1,  2020  11:34pm EST

    Diet is the key. If you crave coffee, go for the decaf with Arabica beans. Nowadays they use water and carbon dioxide to remove 99% of the caffeine content and it tastes just like regular coffee. And I add coffee mate or half and half (cholesterol free) without adding sugar nor sweetner.



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