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BethClark, October 30,  2017  4:53am EST

Irregular heart beat from eating too much black licorace

I'm on the FDA's email list. Today there was an article about irregular heart beat caused by eating too much black licorace. I had never heard about this so thought I'd pass it on. The video didn't specify what type of irregular heartbeat. But given just cold water can trigger aFib for some it seems reasonable to assume that some of us aFibbers might find the black licorace to be a problem too. Happy Halloween!


6 Replies
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, October 30,  2017  11:56am EST
    I've also heard at some point in time that black licorace should be avoided.....can't remember when or where, can't be substantiated.   Anyway, I will avoid it "just in case".  That will not be too much of a food restriction for me!  Jean
  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, October 30,  2017  10:21pm EST
    So what is the nutritional value in Liciorace?Just wondering if it’s worth while inputting in to the body. I’ll do much more reading of the link today. Thanks BethClark
  • jsawdon
    jsawdon, October 31,  2017  4:51am EST
    Hi i have heard that licorice contributes to higher blood pressure. i have never previously heard about a link with A-fib however
  • Teddy ear
    Teddy ear, November 1,  2017  9:05am EST
    Black licorice raises your blood pressure, which can trigger a fib.
  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, November 1,  2017  11:19pm EST
    I did not know that. And full of calories to. Probably same for red lick race.
  • Dedev
    Dedev, November 6,  2017  5:59am EST
    It's also used to treat afib. I see the key words are "too much", huh?
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