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tw2015, September 17,  2017  7:32am EST

Herbal supplements


has anyone had issues with herbal supplements with their medications?  I felt like I've done all I can in terms of lifestyle, exercise, four ablations and have tried various medications with little success.  Currently on Sotalol.  I went to a nutritionist/ holistic practitioner to figure out a diet plan but she also uses Solle Naturals supplements.  I have tried looking up the ingredients in a medication interaction checker but it doesn't find all the ingredients so  nervous.   Has anyone used Solle?
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  • 10walden
    10walden, September 18,  2017  11:31am EST
    tw2015, I tried to look for ingredients for Solle and did not find them.  I would not take anything unless I knew what was in them. is great for informaiton.  I know with heart medicine and heart disease, I have to be careful  not to take anything that would cause a bad reaction.
  • tw2015
    tw2015, September 18,  2017  10:25pm EST
    Thanks for the response, I use webmd all the time and I couldn't find some of the solle ingredients as a match on the website.  I'll contact my doc for further info.
  • frankibis
    frankibis, September 19,  2017  3:46am EST
    After taking a good look at Solle products and their ingredients, what strikes me is how expensive they are compared to similar products from many reputable sources. The herbal supplement industry is full of over-priced vendors who take advantage of consumer naivete by claiming they are the best, purest, most easily assimilable and so on. I've been using Piping Rock for years and their products are highly rated despite their low cost. There are plenty of other well-known companies like VitaCost, Swanson, iHerb, etc. that sell similarly high-quality products for far less than Solle.With my cardiologist's approval, I am off all heart meds because of the intolerable side effects. Now I take only herbal and mineral supplements, like hawthorn berries, cayenne/garlic, magnesium glycinate, fish oil and others. I use a tracker on my wrist to keep track of my heart rate and blood pressure, as well as apps on my smart phone. Thankfully, I've stayed out of AFiB ever since! Good luck to you.
  • Ritab
    Ritab, September 20,  2017  4:08am EST
    How long have the herbal supplements kept you out of afib?  Can you tell me the dosage and form of these supplements, and if you know what each one does for your body?
  • rlevin47
    rlevin47, September 20,  2017  4:31am EST

    Hi all,If interested this web sight is very informative. It test's many Brands of  vitamin's and supplements for potency and purity. I think it is a non profit and does not take advertising. It is a paid subscription. I find it very useful when picking a supplement that I want to buy. Very helpful in making sure what you are buying is what you are getting.Stay healthily.Robert

  • Shanfraz
    Shanfraz, September 21,  2017  4:15am EST
    Thank you for the web site.  I will definitelycheck it out.  We have to be our own best advocate.  Have a great day. Carol
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