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jtriolo90, July 28,  2017  4:27pm EST

Diets for A-Fib

Does any one know where I can find a 1400 calorie per day  diet that is a-fib friendly?  Thanks

  • Patmac
    Patmac, July 29,  2017  10:09am EST
    Any of the Whole Food Plant Based diets should work.  Check out How Not To Die by  by Dr. Greger,  Dr. Esselstyne's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Dr. Fuhrman's Eat To Live,  and Forks Over Knives by Pulde.  They are all slightly different versions of the Plant Based diets.  I think they all have websites that can give you a lot of info.  Good luck.
  • srau
    srau, July 30,  2017  6:22am EST
    Hello patmac,Have you seen an improvement in your AFib with a plant based diet? I have read the books you listed and have been totally on plant based diet for almost 2 years. I lost 30 lbs and all my cholesterol, blood pressure numbers are great. Ihave seen some improvement in my AFib since going vegan, but was hoping for more. I may be getting ablation in the future and am set up with an EP for that whenever I schedule it.The LEGACY study from Australia made me hopeful that my weight loss would maybe drastically improve the AFib. I think 40% of the patients in that study who kept the weight off were still free of AFib 5 years after the weight loss. Dr John Mandrola, cardiologist and EP, also promotes lifestyle changes AFib patients. What has been your experience?
  • Patmac
    Patmac, July 30,  2017  9:42am EST
    Yes.  Good results. This was a study by Kaiser Hospital in Riverside, Ca.  100 participants.  I was in the 50 that were put on a WFPB diet for 9 months.  Tests before, during and after.  I have CHF and AFib.  Got most of my medications eliminated or reduced, lowered cholesterol, after 1 year my EF went to 79 (from 35/40 when discharged from hospital), and many more little, unexpected improvements.  It's been 2-1/2 years now.  3-1/3 since I first was diagnosed.  I'm now 90.
  • srau
    srau, July 30,  2017  12:30pm EST
    Wonderful! I am happy to hear you had so many improvements in you health. Can I ask her if you are having fewer incidents of Atrial Fibrillation? Or have you noticed that you are less symptomatic when in AFib? What AFib medications were you on and what were you able to reduce or eliminate. Thank you, SRau
  • LarryG
    LarryG, July 31,  2017  5:47am EST
    Wow, Pat... doubled your EF... amazing!It had to have made a huge difference in how you feel!Congrats./L
  • Charleneoneil
    Charleneoneil, July 31,  2017  2:35pm EST
    I'm new to a fib.  What does ef stand for
  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, August 1,  2017  3:11am EST
    E.F. 35/40%.  Post last Echo cardiogram . How can I improve or increase my E F %?im extremely interested.Like   NIKE Shoe advertising says "just do"..Could or would someone tell me how or whereti look???Very interested!Maybe a Heart Transplant with increasemy EF! Any idea everybody? AFIB decrease and EF increase? Doug E.
  • glen007
    glen007, August 1,  2017  6:38am EST
    HI, you asked what EF means.  It means ejection fraction.  This is a score that is given when you have an echocardiogram.  Basically, It measures the effciency of the blood pumping out of your heart.  If this score is higher than 50 then it is considered normal.  For me, I am at a score of 30 which they think the persistent AFIB is causing the low EF.  A low EF means heart failure.  So I am on medication for it to lower my heart rate so the heart will not work so hard.  Hope this helps.
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, August 9,  2017  5:34am EST
    Doug,Staying in afib decreases EF and leads to heart failure. Many people reverse their heart failure and increase their EF back to normal through having a procedure that stops the afib. I hear that a lot from those who have had surgery (both mini maze and full Cox maze) that stops their persistent afib.Mellanie
  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, August 10,  2017  12:54am EST
    Melanie,yes understand and I had my AFIB clinic meeting yesterday PM.im doing amazing well Super according to my EP skilled hands and mind doctowgen asked about my EF of 35-~~45% He replied; your doing fine not in AFIB or AFlutter do not be concerned about increasing your EF.  Your not in AFIB!So now you have me slightly concerned.Perplexed too say the least.Guess good AFIB  news is great AFIB news.Thoughts. ?Doug
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