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Spencer, November 11,  2017  2:13pm EST

Best Diet for an AFib

Ok... I guess I need to come to terms with this.  What should I be eating and/or not eating as an AFib'er?  Note that some options are non-negeotatble: Single Malt Scotch and Meat.  So vegan options are out.  I have reduced my alcohol intake to just 2-drinks per day and often that amount is zero.  I have also vastly reduced coffee intake.  I'm rather fit and eat OK but looking to see if there is something else that I should be doing.  Typical cal intake is 2,000/per day with 147 g in carbs, 42 g in fats, 135 g in protein.  Exercise is 10,000 steps per day with nearly zero other exercise due to my breathlessness.  I end up doing a lot of walking at work or around my flat neighborhood.   Resting HR is 110 with continuous AFib.  I find it easy to take in carbs as I was a runner so my body loves carbs, and find it nearly impossible to get to 135 g of protein.  The drug cocktail I'm taking has just about eliminated my appetite.  
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  • Ileen
    Ileen, November 12,  2017  3:00am EST
    Hi Spencer, your diet sounds good to me( except I hate Scotch) Some people on here say no alcohol, it is a trigger for them. So far I can have my small cocktail before dinner of cucumber vodka or champagne. Other people say watch out for lots of salt and fats, or sweets, and heavy meals. Good for you walking so much! I barely get 3 miles in ( most days, on bike and walking. Bad knees!! ( I am old)One thing I think is you need to see a Dr and get your resting heart rate under 100( that is what I learned) That is a high rate. My friend takes a beta blocker cause hers is high too. And she is a size 2! I read you can get heart failure if your resting heart is too high!! . (I am not giving medical advice mind you) I think diet is determined by what you feel good on. I gotta get back on track losing weight. That metoprolol, it makes me tired and hungry!!Grrrrrr! I don't know if I helped, but I wanted to say hi to you anyway!! God Bless, Oh, hubby likes Scotch too, and plays golf!! ( I guess they go together!!!haha!Have a good day!oh, I bike for 6 miles!!( stationary bike!!)
  • Spencer
    Spencer, November 12,  2017  3:56am EST
    Ileen - Thanks for the reply.  I am restless so I end up walking around a lot and in my job I need to check on my team often.  I may get breathless and the HR goes up, but I figure it is also helping out the rest of my body.  You should have seen me in the ICU for four days.  I felt like a caged animal.  Life has to be lived, and hence the Scotch stays.  My company dietacian gave me a diet with scotch at dinner / after work drink.  She said the whisky is good for you body in moderation.   The drugs that I am do make everything taste like paper.  In the past 10 days, I have lost nearly 15 pounds.  Will talk with the Doc but can't seem him for 4 more weeks.  Hope this weight loss stablizes... anyway some weight loss is a good thing.  I'm at like 22% BMI.I hear you on the high HR.  I have an ablation coming in mid Jan that I hope will help... but I have little faith at this point as nothing has worked.  The drugs do help keep it down - before when was sitting in a meeting my HR would zoom up to 150.  I just loved struggling to get through the meeting without passing out and not showing how much distress I was in.  My company knows the health condition but you are still expected to perform and carry on.  The mission must be met no matter what, and the team must perform.Waiting for the sunrise...
  • markandcindy
    markandcindy, May 1,  2018  4:39pm EST

    Hi Spencer,

    I tried changing my diet and it has worked amazingly well so far.   In 2015 I went through what you've gone through (to a point based on your postings).    I changed to a vegitarian diet at first for maybe 6 months and migrated to close to vegan raw diet (although I don't always know what the restaurants are doing when I order so I label myself a vegitarian).   I know it sounds difficult.   The result has been that I have returned to a near normal life style (other than food).   I drink espresso every morning.    But one thing became clear to me, alcohol is not AFIB friendly.  I think you'll have to experiment with what you are willing to do to get your life back.   Meat, and the related saturated fats, is something I am personally unsure of.   I can tell you that I was determined to be as healthy as possible and I am now a very strong believer in the fact that a lot of what happens to us is related, at least in some small way, to what we put in our bodies. 

    Hope you get better soon.


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