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retiredlcsw, January 20,  2018  9:39am EST

Anyone have this problem with Heart Calm?

I have been taking magnesium supplements for the past several months to help alleviate PVC's that I have had for many years.  (Diagnosed with Afib 1 1/2 yrs ago.  Had ablation done last April with no episodes of afib since, but  PVC's continued) I was confused about which magnesium supplement to take, so I tried taking Magnesium Taurate for 1 month, then Magnesium Orotate for the next month, and now this month Heart Calm.  I have noticed a slight reduction in PVC's with all 3, but I have had stomach pains with the Heart Calm.  I take them after eating, not on an empty stomach, so that should not be an issue.  Anyone else experience this with Heart Calm?  I did not have this with the other supplements.  I think that the Magnesium Orotate worked the best, but the tablets are HUGE!!!!!!  Any suggestions about your experiences with magnesium supplements would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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  • Spencer
    Spencer, January 20,  2018  10:07am EST
    Heavy amounts of Mg will upset your GI tract.  Try reducing the doseage till you find the point your body can withstand it.  My nutrionist said to try the natural calm at low levels and then increase.  Too much and it will cause stomach cramps.
  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, January 21,  2018  1:51am EST
    BaBa, I don't know about Heart Calm, but I suggest you do a Search on this forum, typing in "Magnesium," and see what types and amounts of magnesium people are taking, and the effects which they have had.  I take Doctor's Best, 200 mg/day, and have had no pains, cramps, or other negative things.  I'm glad you are looking into magnesium and hope that it will help you.Thumper2 (Judy)
  • Survior65
    Survior65, January 21,  2018  6:29am EST
    ​I just started on heart calm magnesium and have experienced heart burn and diarrhea. But , the Dr. also increased my sotalol and that also can cause stomach issues.
  • bumpity
    bumpity, December 16,  2019  1:01pm EST

    I'm new on the forum and just half a year into taking various mag taurate supplements to help with symptoms, trying them out. If I'm not mistaken, I learned something important recently.  There's a big difference btw milligrams of "mag taurate" and milligrams of "elemental magnesium" (the actual 100% magnesium bound up in mag taurate or other mag salt complex).  You may be getting a lot more magnesium than you were previously, and more than you thought, if the first two products offered milligrams of "mag taurate" or other "mag - xxx".  For example, mag taurate has only 10% Elemental Magnesium within it... so if the Supplement Facts box indicates "Magnesium Taurate... 300mg", then I think it only has 30 mg elemental magnesium.  Heart Calm appears to have 100 mg of actual Elemental Magnesium in each pill, whereas most "Mag Taurate" products will only list mg of "mag taurate".  I think mag orotate is about 50% elemental magnesium.  So if you are getting a lot more actual magnesium for this reason, it could have been the reason for your abdominal pains to only appear when using this product, might be too much for you.  But, I'm just basing this on what info seems to present itself...  maybe this is helpful, maybe it is wrong.  Also, don't forget that to determine any milligrams per tablet, we need to divide the milligrams value by "serving size".  With Heart Calm, that is "Elemental Magnesium, 300mg" with "3 Capsules per serving", so 100 mg actual Magnesium per capsule.  The only other mag taurate product I've found so far that discloses "Elemental Magnesium" values is Douglas Laboratories' Mag Taurate 400, which also indicates 100mg per capsule.  If anyone knows of others please chime in.

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