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amarie, January 27,  2020  7:29am EST

What would you Ask an Expert?

Hi all,

I am a volunteer working with a Heart Institute in Canada and we are exploring piloting a new podcast (10 minutes or so per topic) where we would interview a medical expert on Afib (for example). The focus would be on what we are learning from research with respect to Afib -- evolving insight we are gaining into preventing, managing or treating the condition.  (So assumes a level of understanding about the basics -- how afib works, what happens, current treatment options, etc.)  We want to do these so that people living with the condition have a trusted source of information keeping them informed about how our knowledge is progressing.

My question to you is:  What would you ask the expert?

(When this launches, I will post a link to our podcast ...)

5 Replies
  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, January 27,  2020  12:10pm EST

    I've had three ablaitons for a-fib.  My last ablation was in 2014 and I have been basically a-fib free since the third ablation.  I have continued to take Eliquis because of my age and being female.   I was given the option to stop Eliquis, but I chose not to.  I did have a stroke in 2018, but my pacemaker and ekgs showed that I was in normal sinus rhythm before, during, and after the it did not seem to be related to a-fib.  The cause remains unknown, although I had been in a period of extreme stress.  I now have PVC's on an almost constant basis.  I do not feel them and they do not cause me any symptoms, but are indicated on my blood pressure machine and in the doctor's office.  I am taking 25 MG of metoprolol twice a day...but still have the PVCs.   My question is this:  Do these PVCs indicate that I may be headed again for a-fib.....and what are my chances that a-fib will begin again in the future?

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, January 28,  2020  8:36am EST

    While a lot of the excitement seems to be about progress with ablation and related procedures, I would want to know more about research on:


     1. Rhythm control drugs - is this a long-term solution, or do they usually quit working?


    2. Relation of afib to sleep apnea - I heard in EP's office that there was now more evidence that apnea problems could actually cause the afib to develop. 

  • Cantrell
    Cantrell, January 28,  2020  8:48am EST

     What is the success rate for first ablation five years out? 

  • amarie
    amarie, February 17,  2020  3:18pm EST

    Thanks everyone ... I will get back to you if this project comes to fruition!

  • Canada
    Canada, February 18,  2020  9:43am EST

    Thank you, amarie!

    How best do we manage incapacitating shortness of breath during an episode?  With monthly episodes, it is impacting my quality of life.

    Best wishes with your project,


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