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Wiggles, February 9,  2018  4:33am EST

Sotalol Out of Stock

Went to refill my Sotalol prescription yesterday and my usual Walgreens was out of it and they said the warehouse had none either!  Well luckily they were able to find some at another store in town and so I was able to get my refill.  But it gave me a concern because I remembered hearing a few months ago that due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico there could be a shortage of some drugs as so many are produced there.  The pharmacy had "no idea " why the warehouse was out so I don't know any more info on the situation - just want people using this to be aware and maybe not wait to the last minute to get a refill like I did!  You are not supposed to stop this drug suddenly.
  • Joekas
    Joekas, February 9,  2018  7:31am EST
    Hi nieghbor. That is scary. I have been put on that same drug. Wouldn't be good to no longer be able to take it.
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, February 9,  2018  9:59am EST
    Wiggles, if you still cannot locate enough Sotalol at Walgreens, you may be able to find it at another pharmacy like CVS, WalMart, or a locally owned pharmacy.  Sometimes one company will have a supply when another company has run out.  I ran into that same problem once with another medication. It can be very frustrating when it is something you must take every day.  I hope you have been able to get the Sotalol that you need...even if you have to pay cash for it if another pharmacy does not accept your prescription drug coverage.Best regards, Jean (My A-fib Experience Community Leader)
  • evalovic
    evalovic, February 9,  2018  1:29pm EST
    Hi Folks,I ran into a similar thing when CVS told me they didn't have Tikasyn and were out for about a week.  They said they had tried 2 other CVS store and no one had them.Then I made a miracle happen:  I have a lot as prescriptions as many of us do.  First I reminded them that Tikasyn was not a drug I could skip a day with. Then I told them if they couldn't get the drug for me in the next hour, I was getting my Tikosyn (very expensive) at my local hospital pharmacy and taking all my other prescriptions to the hospital pharmacy with it.Yup they called me back with the drug in less than one hour.
  • Hobbyist
    Hobbyist, February 9,  2018  10:36pm EST
    Therare many drug shortages, including penicillin and morphine. Even iv bags are being rationed. Some of this is due to PR.
  • ijackson57
    ijackson57, February 10,  2018  5:03am EST
    I was prescribed Sotalol recently and when I took my prescription to the pharmacy I was told the entire country (Canada) was out of stock and that it would be at least 2 months before I'd be able to get it!Irene
  • Wiggles
    Wiggles, February 11,  2018  5:45am EST
    Oh my what did you do?
  • sgt173
    sgt173, February 11,  2018  6:16am EST
    Im on Sotalol too,I get mine thru the Veterans Hospital. I hope they have a good supply on hand.I just filled another order the other day I  will let you know if it gets filled if it gets here.Thats what happens when we let all of our manufactoring go out of the USA !!!BTW I just went back into Afib again the other day.I hope this one dont last too long sometimes its a few hours, a few days or a few weeks I never know.Im thinking about looking into an abalation or changing my rate controll drug. I been on sotalol about a year so far and only had about 5 different events total after I got on my CpapIts been a lot better this is the second time ,but I can sleep so much better now.Good Luck everyone I cant wait to get NSR again!
  • wlweir
    wlweir, February 11,  2018  8:42am EST
    I can confirm Canada has none since Dec '17. At least Nova Scotia and Quebec.
  • mdlagas
    mdlagas, February 12,  2018  2:01am EST
    I don't know if this is an option for you but I get my meds mail order.  The doctor's orders go straight to the mail order pharmacy and they start getting it ready weeks ahead of time.  If the prescription runs out they contact the doctor's office directly for reorders (my doctor's office will approve then send me a reminder that I need to schedule an appointment) and I usually receive them a week to 10 days before my current supply runs out.  I receive 3 months supply at a time and the cost for the 3rd month is 1/2 off plus the monthly charge is lower than what I pay at the local pharmacy.
  • wlweir
    wlweir, February 12,  2018  6:15am EST
    Ironically, the day after my post the Doctors office called and said the pharmacies have it back in stock. Yeah! In Nova Scotia at least.
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