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AHAASAKatie, April 25,  2018  2:45pm EST
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What Keeps You Going?

I have been noodling a topic for quite a while and I would love to have everyone's perspective. I want to know what keeps you going through the dark times? For me, the answer changes on a day-to-day basis: Faith, my children, my parents, and friends are usually tops on the list. But somedays it's Nala the family husky/Sheppard and resident crazy dog. 

Nala is scared of EVERYTHING, all the time. Nala sits in the corner and stares at the wall for hours. She never barks,everIf friends come over she hides in my bedroom or runs upstairs and hides in my daughter's room-facing the corner. :) 

You might wonder why we still have Nala after three years, we could have taken her back to the humane society where she came. But I do not do this because Nala needs my daughters and me, and she loves us. When it's just us at home, Nala tries to herd us all into the kitchen where she can see us. If we are watching TV at night, she is under my feet and trips me just about everytime I get up. 

However, when I had the back surgery, and then DVT, Nala stayed in the bedroom with me. She never left, and when I left for extended hospital stays, she was the happiest of all the family to see me walk back into the house. 

So on days when I am tired of the medications and the restrictions because of the surgery and DVT, I think about Nala. Giving up on her is not an option for me. Neither is giving up on recovery.   

What about you? 

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