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GCSTX, February 15,  2019  5:18pm EST

Thank You to Everyone in the AFIB Community!

I just wanted to say how helpful these forums have been to me.

I had a stroke in early October 2018.  After being hospitalized and wearing a halter heart monitor for thirty days, my cardiologist put me on elliquis, a statin, and Multaq.   l lost 30 pounds, got off caffeine, and starting exercising but was told by my cardiologist that the damage was done.  I would be on all the meds long term.

I joined the community and read up on AFIB and everyone's stories.  The $570 bill for 30 days of the Multaq with the start of new year convinced me to find an electrophysiologist as recommended by many people here.

New doctor said no need for Multaq!  Stay on Elliquis and statin (until cholesterol is down - not forever).  Use my Kardia mobile to keep tabs on any AFIB incidents (Something else I found out about here).

I was diagnosed and put on Multaq for 50 seconds of AFIB in a 30 day period.  No enlarged ventricles as described by my cardiologist.  No risk from stopping multaq cold turkey despite warning from cardiologist.

I would never have known what questions to ask or even to see an electrophysiologist without this community.  Read, post, and ask questions.  It works wonders!


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  • Patio7
    Patio7, February 15,  2019  6:59pm EST

    Could not agree more!  Glad to hear you are doing well. So many just go along with their GP or cardiologist....to their detriment. An EP can turn your life back over to you and these friends here know it all. Very little trash talk here, with folks like Mellanie anf others. 😊👍

  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 20,  2019  8:37pm EST

    Cole - Good to hear this.  I know that I used this community to help me understand AFib, what it was, and how to deal with it.    I'm glad that those on this site could help out.


    In the Sunlight.

  • shafiq48
    shafiq48, February 21,  2019  2:47am EST

    Spenser, I fully endorse your comments. Surely this forum helped me more than my two EPs, one from Army Hosp and the other from a civil outfit. The former was highly competent but had very less time to give and visibly irked by questioning. The latter lesser experience but would prescribe highly costly medicines. Mind it there is no Health Insurance here and we are grossly lagging behind in that so have to foot complete bill from own pocket. Being a veteran I am entitled free medicine from Army Hosp but their prescriptions carry older/cheaper medicines and you are given no choice but to follow. In military whether you are a foot soldier or a doctor or an engineer you are trained to follow orders without questioning. So always faced with a dilemma, which door to knock really. 

    Nevertheless this site has been a great help. Benefited from posts from all members in general and Melanie, Jean and Spenser in particular. May you all stay blessed and may everyone around be blessed with sound health. Aameen 


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