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Nightsky, June 5,  2019  6:24pm EST

Newly Diagnosed AFib with Treatment Questions.

Hello All, Great site! Just read a lot of info that I find very helpful. I have always had the "storm in my chest" feeling as long as I can rememner (I am 61) but never came out to be AFib until today....bittersweet I guess. My Cadio mentioned Elequis and come back in a Month, then he wants to do some sort of "shock" treatment at the Hospital, sounds like I am medicated and then like a defibralator, my heart is shocked "back into sync" and he says this has a pretty good sucess rate. 

I didn't see anything about it here....I mentioned abilation, he said he wanted to do this first. He also gave me a brochure on the "Watchman" from Boston Scientific, which is basically a strainer/fill plug that takes up the space where the blood pools and also has a good sucess rate? Anyone had either of these proceedures done? 

Thanks for your time, look forward to responses. By the way I am a CPAP user (very compliant) and a bit overweight, light coffee drinker (1 a day), non-smoker and no drugs or alcohol, diabetic type 2 with a pump, under control. 


5 Replies
  • BJB
    BJB, June 5,  2019  6:57pm EST

    Are you seeing an electrophysiologist (EP), who is a specialist in afib?

  • Nightsky
    Nightsky, June 5,  2019  8:22pm EST

    It was mentioned, but not as of yet. 

  • Linda82
    Linda82, June 6,  2019  7:49am EST

    Look up cardioversion on this site. That is the shocking you are talking about. I had this done when first diagnosed and was put on Flecanaide and Eliquis. They had to confirm I had no clots with a TEE before they did the cardioversion but maybe that is not a concern since you will have been on Eliquis. I wonder why no antiarrythmic ordered 

  • Nightsky
    Nightsky, June 7,  2019  10:14am EST

    How have you been since your Cardioversion? Any improvement? 

  • Nightsky
    Nightsky, July 1,  2019  12:48am EST

    Hello, I didn't have the cardioversion, I am instead awaiting a Cath. Ablation (radio frequency) in August. I was told this would be the best for me. I am a bit concerned because I have read it is a very long proceedure....4-6 hours? and then I have to remain in the hospital for 2.5 days for observation and Tykosyn (sp) treatment. Anyone know about all of this? Seems like a long proceedure, and I am told the heart could be "angry" after the proceedure, hence the Tykosyn and hospital stay. 

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