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crow671, August 6,  2020  11:41pm EST

Newly Diagnosed

Hello, I am a 26 year old male who was recently diagnosed with Afib.

I have been struggling with alcoholism for a few years as a way to deal with my mental health, and i was doing well on staying sober for several months before a close relative passed away from a medication overdose. Between the grief and the frustration of the COVID pandemic, i relapsed hard, and within a month, i was binge drinking regularly.

One evening, I drank especially heavy, an entire bottle of liquor in less than 2 hours. Over the next two days, I kept having palpitations and chest discomfort, and shrugged it off as a hangover. Haven't drank a drop since, and may never again.

By the third day, they were so constant and intense and the anxiety just amplified things, so I went to the ER to get checked out. By then, the symptoms subsided and they couldn't find anything. Later, after a follow-up with a cardiologist, i wore a heart monitor for two days and they found I had episodes of Afib.

Since then, I’ve struggled with more anxiety and depression to the point where I’ve started end of life planning, and I’ve since made better choices with my lifestyle, like cutting out caffeine and alcohol entirely, and minimizing sugar, sodium, and carbonation, as well as eating healthier in general and walking on a daily basis.

At my recent follow-up, the doctor confirmed the prognosis and prescribed me Metoprolol 25mg and an 81mg aspirin regimen. I still have persistent palpitations, near-constant mild chest discomfort, strange aches/sensations in my arms and hands, lightheadedness, and occasional numbness in my face but overall, the symptoms have improved slightly.

My doctor still wants to run a stress test at some point and I’m inquiring about counseling for the stress and anxiety.


I know I cant be the only person to go through this, but how do you cope with it? The anxiety of a looming threat is always gnawing at me and I’m honestly scared.

  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, August 9,  2020  11:59am EST

    Dr Sanchez MD believes in Quality of Service with is patients. He is extremely proactive with me and responsiveness. He talks to you at a human level. Dr Natale was my plan B. I had an appointment but the procedure would be in Austin and reside in Dallas. 

    When I walked in the Ops room I saw a Mission Impossible set of latest technologies- with a staff of about 10.

    When in recovery I awaken to a Normal sinus rhythm and a Normal blood pressure and EKG QRS rate. 

    Still on the Meds for 3 months then a ECHO. We shall see.


    Sleep Apnea and Insomnia plus stress to me trigger AFIB. 

    UTSW Cardiologist states AFIB was caused by left artrium dilated from long term high blood pressure.

    I do not agree! He is no longer my Cardiologist. 

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, August 9,  2020  12:15pm EST


    I'm so glad you got what works for you.


  • ewNY1
    ewNY1, September 3,  2020  11:27pm EST


    We are somewhat mutual and I'm very glad that you start a healthy diet. While you are newly diagnosed, the chance of reverting afib is extremely high with an ablation (simple procefure).

    Continue your checkups with your cardiologist, if your afib persists you should consider.


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