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Nesshan, March 21,  2019  12:48am EST

New to AFib, scared.

Last Wednesday I woke up and was sitting in bed. I felt my heart beating oddly and after that my chest felt uncomfortable, I told my sister how I was feeling and at that point my heart started beating really fast. I thought I was having a heart attack and was about to die. 

Sister took me to the ER where they checked my pulse and put me on an IV I hadn't been told what it was until I was moved to the Hospital, I wasn't allowed to walk and then I was told that I was in AFib. 

Later that night a nurse said I "converted" and all was well. 

The next day I had a ultrasound on my heart done and etc.

The doctors didn't mention anything bad going on and explained that I had AFib probably because of sleep apnea and being overweight. He told me I should work on losing weight and eating better to fix it.

I'm on Eliquis and Diltiazem, I wasn't told how long but was told I shouldn't run out of Eliquis. 

I'm still terrified of havhav that happen again and I have no one else to talk to about this. 

After having AFib and converting, and being on this medication. What are the possobiliposs of having to experience that again ? I'm trying to exercise more but I'm scared of something happening again.

  • ericristina
    ericristina, June 4,  2019  10:55pm EST

    I also was diagnosed with new onset afib a couple of weeks ago and have since been back to the ER twice. I can understand your concern as this has caused me much anxiety and depression. How are you doing today?  I can tell you that i suffered a stroke this past March, had surgery to close a hole in between my atriums and now have afib. It’s be a rough road. 

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