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afibsurvivor, April 14,  2020  9:53am EST

loop recorder anyone else have one?

Hi Everyone,

A little background about me, I have one ablation under my belt, but I still have mild spells of afib or tachycardia.

I went to the docs office and he recommends a loop recorded to capture those mild spells for a better diagnosis.

Im ok with this but my mom and girlfriend dont like the idea, because they think my symptoms are mild.

Anyone else have a story about how a loop recorder helped them?

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  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, April 27,  2020  3:05am EST

    It can be very helpful.

    I had a 30 day study done abt 9 months post ablation. We were considering taking me off blood thinners as I'd had no symptoms of AFib since the procedure. I wore the device and went about my business.

    When we went back to the Cardiologist to discuss the resuolts. I knew there was trouble. The report from the company was about an inch thick.

    It turned out that while I was not having outward symptoms, I sure has having arrythmias. VTavh, VFlutter, AFib, AFlutter, SVT's.. I was pretty much in and out of every type of heart rhythm Excepppt Sinus rhythm. 

    Anyway, it was very helpful as they put me on several new meds to control the arrythmias and I stabilized nicely.

    It's A Great Day To Be Alive...

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