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muddynwv, March 8,  2019  9:33pm EST

In and out of Afib with long pauses


Hello! I am new to the cardiac/AFib world. I was recently diagnosed with my heart going  in and out of AFib while having long pauses and bradycardia.  My cardiologist said he is unable to treat the AFib with medication due to my resting HR normally in the 40’s and sometimes as low as the 30’s. (I do have sporatic dips throughout the day as well) My average awake HR is 60-70, I am scheduled for a sleep study next week to rule out apnea. If the low rate is not due to apnea we will discuss PM/Def.  Has anyone corrected their bradycardia with getting apnea treated?  Also, what medications have you used for AFib if your HR is on the lower side? 

  • muddynwv
    muddynwv, March 10,  2019  1:01pm EST

    Yes! I am curious if anyone has had AFib/Bradycardia go away after being diagnosed with apnea? I can’t seem to find any information about correcting apnea to raise low HR. 

  • EllenK
    EllenK, March 11,  2019  12:04pm EST


    I have had A fib with my first episode being in 2014.  I had a few episodes in 2015 & then nothing until 2017 when i started having episodes once or twice a month.  I, too, have a low heart rate.  (Resting is in the 40's & 50's.)  My Doctor started me on Warfarin & initially tried me on low does Metoprolol but I was only on that a short time because I was unable to tolerate it because my heart rate would go into the low 30's.  Since then I have been on no cardiac medication. I had an ablation in March of 2018 and have not had any atrial fibrillation since that time.  (Alleluia!)  I now have a diagnosis of bradycardia with sick sinus syndrome.  I was told by my Doctor that I may need a pacemaker some day.  I wish you well!  Take care.

  • EllenK
    EllenK, March 11,  2019  12:05pm EST

    One more thing:  When all this started I had a sleep study & was told I have mild sleep apnea. I have used CPAP since 2014.  There has been no change in my low heart rate.  I have also been a walker for several years.

  • muddynwv
    muddynwv, March 12,  2019  11:07pm EST

    Thank you for the information!  I am terrified to be put on medication that could potentially drop my rate lower! My heart already stops or does a long pause to correct itself! What if it doesn’t start back? A few times a month I drop to the 30’s and feel terrible on the mornings that happens! My doctor did not mention anything about an ablation thus far, but did say if apnea is not the cause it would be medication for the AFib and a pacemaker to keep me paced at a normal rate. 

  • Gene157
    Gene157, March 13,  2019  1:15pm EST


    My heart seems to tolerate the low RPMs, even when the HR is in the low 50ties, there is no dizziness when  getting up suddenly. Ithas been as low as 45bpm. A good part of that is due to the 2X80 mg of Sotalol.

    My heart did however, over the last week, stop twice for app 7 secs before resuming pumping. Horrible feeling. So I will get a pacemaker because of the stoppages. Both times this happened while the HR was 70 to 80.

    Is anyone on fish oil? My neighbors doctor has prescribed it and I debate if I should take it. It may have some advantages for people that had a prior heart attack. My doctor wants me to take Cumadin, but I stopped taking it since my LAA is sown shut and it is the source of 80% of blood clots for people in AF. I am usually in sinus mode and have a low platelet count to boot.  I reason that fish oil, closed LAA and 1 baby aspirin (prescribed) will reduce chances of a clot but more important, drastically reduce chances of bleeding.

    Anybody familiar with Nattokinase?


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