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nanacandy, September 2,  2019  1:51am EST

Eliquis - Ringing In Ear

Hi, newly diagnosed about month ago. Take Eliquis 2x daily & Flecainide 2x daily. I was wondering if anyone had cut themselves or been in an accident while on Eliquis? I am very stressed about taking blood thinner & bleeding so bad it wont stop. It stresses me out just thinking about it. What if I cut myself at home? Will I bleed to death before getting to a hospital? Also, since starting on Flecainide I have this constand non stop ringing in my left ear. Is this normal? TIA, trying to get a grasp on all this Afib but have so much to learn. 

  • alinanny
    alinanny, September 2,  2019  7:11am EST

    Please don't get stressed about the Eliquis.  I know there is danger should we fall and hit our head hard that we need to go to ER for CT but I have been on it for 2 1/2 years now and notice that if I cut myself it may take me just a little longer to stop bleeding but just apply pressure for a minute and it stops.  The part I'm not fond of is that I have more bruising and my arms have some little purple and blue spots off and on but it is nothing like having a stroke.  I'm happy to know I am doing everything I can to avoid a stroke and not at all concerned about the bleeding.  Relax and don't worry about bleeding to death.  You won't.

  • BethClark
    BethClark, September 2,  2019  7:39am EST

    Sorry that you're having to join our "club." For most of us the first while after diagnosis is a period of high anxiety about it. As you learn more about aFib and all that goes with it you will feel calmer about it. I take Flecanide, Metoprolol, and Pradaxa. Initially I was taking warfarin for my blood thinner because I was taking antibiotics that couldn't be used with the newer blood thinners. I have never had any side effects from Flecanide, luckily. I see that ringing in the ears is an uncommon side effect of Flecanide ( › side-effects › drg-20063854). It also said that some side effects go away after your body gets used to the drug. I have had that happen with other meds.

    As far as the fear of uncontrolled bleeding while on a blood thinner, I remember having that same fear for a while after starting a blood thinner. I was terrified, actually. I wacked my head a couple of times and I went into the doctor right away to make sure I didn't have a brain bleed. The first time I ended up with a big bruise on my leg I went off to the doctor. No problems in either case. I have had a lot of minor scratches and cuts and I have found that I clot as quickly as I used to. I have gotten a few bruises now and then but nothing much out of the ordinary. You can buy bandaids that will help you clot faster. I bought some and have never used them in the 4 1/2 years since being diagnosed. Having said this, I try to be more careful about not falling or getting cut. I don't get up on ladders any more. When I'm gardening I wear long sleeved shirts and long pants and I leave picking the berries to other people. There is now a reversal agent for Eliquis in the case of severe bleeding so that is good news. I don't remember anyone on this forum posting about having had to have a reversal agent administered although I would think that might be necessary with something like a GI bleed or a serious accident. I only remember one person commenting on having had a GI bleed. That person switched to a different blood thinner and then was fine. You will feel less anxious as you get used to this new diagnosis and drug regime.

  • Haz
    Haz, September 2,  2019  8:56am EST

    I have been on Eliquis, Flecainide, and Metoprolol for 3 years with no problems of bleeding or ringing in my ears. When I fell a year ago while hiking I had a deep wound that needed stitches and had no issues with bleeding then or any other time. Slight bruises that occur do heal quickly.

    I can understand your concerns with the meds - I had great concerns when I started all these meds but, now, being on these meds have removed my greater fears regarding the stroke risk.

  • Wiggles
    Wiggles, September 2,  2019  9:19am EST

    There is a handy product called WoundSeal that is a topical powder that stops bleeding from small cuts instantly.  It forms a scab that is kind of ugly but it really works.  I recently had to use it after slicing my finger on a kitchen knife.  I applied pressure to the wound (about 1/2 inch long) immediately as it was bleeding profusely - rinsed it off with water and quickly spinkled the powder on.  The bleeding stopped instantly!  As per directions on the package the "scab" stays on and falls off by itself as the wound heals which seemed quicker than any cut I've ever had.  I'm on Xarelto.  You can buy this on line or I got mine at Walgreens.  One grocery store pharmacy I went to didn't know what I was talking about!

  • Izzy1
    Izzy1, September 2,  2019  11:00am EST

    I have ben on Eliquis for almost 3 years and have never really significantly bled. On Coumadin, I did. I had a hematoma after my loop recorder placement but they held pressure and it resolved. I like the sound of WoundSeal and will get some.

  • barbara1642
    barbara1642, September 3,  2019  7:55am EST

    I keep meaning to get some Wound Seal, but never remember at the drug store.  A few weeks ago, I woke up at 2am with a bloody nose and covered in blood.  It bled profusely for 1 hour,  at 3am I called for an ambulance.  By the time I got to the ER, the bleeding had magically stopped, but I'm glad I went.  At least now I know that if I call an ambulance it comes very quickly!  

    The bruises from Eliquis drive me nuts.  One of my cats, Ozzy, is over 25 lbs.  When he walks on me, he leaves bruises.  I have bruises I don't know how I got.  What's most annoying are the little red dots that show up on my arms.  

    ~barbara 🖖

  • Arline3366
    Arline3366, September 3,  2019  9:16am EST

    Hi -- I, too, was terrified of taking Eliquis to the point I was almost a "basket case."  However, I've been on 2.5 mg for over 4 years now and it's been fine.  I do bruise more easily but the bruises go away pretty quickly.  Someone on the AFib site recommended to keep on hand "Stop Blood" and "Wound Seal" but I could not find them locally at the time, so I ordered them from Amazon.  I've never had to use either one, but I have them and a roll of pressure bandage just in case.  (At first, I was on Eliquis 5.0 mg but because of a very heavy nosebleed within a few days of starting Eliquis, which was stopped in the ER, my dosage was reduced from 5.0 to 2.5 mg and I haven't had any bleeding problems since.)  Try not to worry.  You will probably be just fine!

  • Izzy1
    Izzy1, September 3,  2019  9:40am EST

    Barbara, I have the same issue with my cat! The more we want them down, the more they want to walk on us,lol

  • barbara1642
    barbara1642, September 4,  2019  7:57am EST

    So true, Izzy.  That's because...........they're cats!!

  • grandscheme
    grandscheme, October 8,  2019  10:24pm EST

    Hi nanacandy.

    Welcome to the world of afib. Of course you have concerns, being diagnosed so recently. But those concerns will ebb as you come to terms with your diagnosis.

    This is a Johnny-come-lately post since I just saw the question.

    I have been on coumadin for four+ years and am very active in many ways (and I am in my 70s).

    Last winter while shoveling what my neighbor had not already snow-blowed out for me, I rammed my shin into the point of my open car door. And I shouted out a very bad word. (lol).

    But I had places to go that day, so I went.

    When I returned many, many hours later and removed my boots, I found one was bloodied.

    The lesson: I hurt myself, I bled, didn't even know it and it stopped eventually sometime during that day. The cut was deep and the next day I had stitches once I realized that my "super-duper" -- not so much --  homecare was insufficient. The urgent care doc shot me up with lidocaine and I told him if there was a next time I'd prefer a shot of whiskey and a bullet to bite.

    The cut itself was an issue, the lidocaine hurt like heck, but the bleeding took care of itself. Obviously this is just one story and it is a different blood thinner. But relax as much as possible and know that many people here have the same worries as you.  And by the way, that doctor did a great job. I hardly see the scar.


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