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JDTHOMPSON, March 11,  2018  1:56pm EST

Cause of your afib

Hello all,

I truly enjoy knowing that there are others experiencing some of the same things that I am. The condition can make you feel so isolated. I'd like to know the cause of others afib/aflutter? Mines is caused due to cardiomyopathy. Both my father and grandmother had the condition but neither passed away from the condition. 

I'd love to hear your responses. 

Thank you,

  • Tropp
    Tropp, March 15,  2018  2:47am EST
    Apixaban is the "formal" name for Eliquis.  There is currently no generic form of Eliquis on the market.
  • jst2mad
    jst2mad, March 15,  2018  1:49am EST
    they say mine is caused by stress..that I need to vent and not hold in..my last episode was because I got upset and started crying..they say they don't understand why it happens cause they can't find anything wrong.with my heart.also have sleep apnea ..which another Dr says is causing it..and yes I have a c pap machine.. told me wear it anytime I lay.down.in.case I fall asleep..
  • joem
    joem, March 14,  2018  11:42am EST
    I never knew what caused it.  I came back from a run one day and bent over to untie my shoes..and bang!  Off to the races.  Went to ER where it was diagnosed.  I have had paroxysmal afib for 22 years now.  Get it every few days or so.  Never have had it for over 2 days. After a few hours of it, I'll sometimes go out for a run, walk, or bike ride and it converts.  Go figure.  I'm 70 now and it never has slowed me down.  Rightly or wrongly I just said to hell with it,  I'm not going to change my lifestyle.  I could have been and invalid, or go on as normal.  I chose to go on as normal.  Fortunately I don't get some of the more serious symptoms like short of breath, and diziness.  Things like that.  So I'm won't be dismissive of that and sympthize with those that do.  One thing though I could never understand are the folks that have been diagnosed with afib out of the blue and didn't even know they had it!  Man, when I'm afibing its like a beached whale jumping aroung in my chest.  No hiding that I must say.  On Sotalol and Xarolto.  (did I spell that right?)  Anyway my heart rate is around 90 or so when it starts.  I have one of those Kardia devices for my phone and when I'm in afib I check it once in a while and see if the rate is slowing down and I'm starting to get an occasional P wave and start depolarizing.  When I see that I know I'll be back in NSR in a few hours or so.  I think I know as musch as some doctors how to interpret an EKG!  LOLAlso I have been in NSR for 8 days now.  Usually I can't get past a week.  Is there any wood to knock on here?   In summary.......no rhyme or reason why I get it. Trying to determine a trigger for me is not going to work.  My wife and I used to try to figure it out and we had a running joke.  "It must be water, you had some ot that today didn't your?"
  • Sherrytoed
    Sherrytoed, March 14,  2018  8:52am EST
    Hi JT,Unknown cause. I have no history of BP, Cholesterol or other risk factors for AFIB, except there are three people in my family who have it.  Still puzzling over this myself.
  • Myrna
    Myrna, March 14,  2018  8:11am EST
    also re supplements I was told by  pharmacist and drs not to take anything, vit/minerals that you don't need, can overwork your liver and kidneys, no one wants those to fail, especially when we are on a lot of medications anyways, also my doctor said vit C if not needed can be harmful to the body, heart I think , not sure, better get it from diet
  • Myrna
    Myrna, March 14,  2018  8:06am EST
    Tell your doctor or pharmacist about the garlic capsules as garlic is a blood thinner and my pharmacists don't advise me to use garlic, ginger even flax seeds , omega 3's for that reason.I'm on apixaban(the generic form of eliquis) and they can cause even worse bleeding. I heard of someone on warfarin that ended up in the er after eating chinese food with lots of ginger in it. Also ask what other things you might avoid, also tell them about your supplements. Coenzyme Q10 also lowers the blood pressure,good luck.
  • ijackson57
    ijackson57, March 14,  2018  4:56am EST
    I was told by my cardiologist that my atrial flutter/a-fib was likely caused by years of unchecked high blood pressure which I first discovered in my 20's. Had I known that it might have prevented a-fib, I would have done something about the high blood pressure much sooner. Doh! Since the high blood pressure in my family is hereditary, I'm making sure my daughters keep an eye on theirs!~ Irene
  • cowlady1
    cowlady1, March 14,  2018  4:38am EST
    So now that they have found the cause of your AFib will you remain on blood thinners?
  • lalton
    lalton, March 13,  2018  10:20pm EST
    I believe my afib was caused by too much running and biking for many years. I was not aware of this afib disease and what causes it. Many athletes and olympians have afib. Moderate exercise is best.
  • AllanB
    AllanB, March 13,  2018  6:04am EST
    Diagnosed about 4 months ago . Felt shortness of breath for year or more going up stairs especially or up grades walking but figured was due to being about 60 or so pounds overweight. Diagnosed with sleep apnea couple years ago but was bad at using the cpap . Had chronic fatigue for years finally a doctor had me tested for apnea and had moderate close to severe apnea .My afib appears to be persistent or permanent . Not sure if it originally was short in duration as checkups and ekg year or two ago showed no afib .When did catch it four months ago my blood pressure was high and my heart rates were very high 140 / 160 hr type thing. I got out of breath easily as said especially doing stairs or walking up grades. Was put on blood thinner immediately Savaysa one daily and was put on beta blocker. Hated the beta blocker . Was even more short of breath , terrible insomnia , very hard to exercise on it made me feel 100 years old . I just turned 60. Insisted on change of meds and now on Calcium blocker twice day 120 mg much much better on the calcium blocker. Can exercise pretty hard , not short of breath much , can do stairs , walk up reasonable grades sleep good no insomnia sex life is ok sometimes take some Viagra or cialis sometimes not needed. Feel some fatigue maybe from the calcium blocker but have morning cup of coffeeand space the meds put taking one around 11am after morning exercise and one around 11pm right before go to sleep .i faithfully use my apnea machine since my afib diagnosis and usually get 6 to 8 hours sleep try for 7 minimum . Ahi normally under 5 with machine . Was recently sent for echo test. Dr said found moderate tricuspid valve regurgitation not much else wrong. But feels no point in trying electro cardioversion with the leaking valve problem . Taking wait and see approach. See him in couple of months . Told me to work on my weight . I am doing fair bit exercise . Weights 3x week and usually about same frequency on my tread climber . I feel pretty good most of the time . The meds keep. Y blood pressure normal and my heart rate pretty normal range . Not much side effects from current dosage / frequency . Am hoping to maybe get valve fixed at some point and maybe cure my afib . Would love to be med free. Oh I also take daily supplements and dint tell dr . Took them pretty much since diagnosed . I take about 3 g taurine day ,100 to 200 q10 some vitamin c about 2g some garlic caps some arginine /citrulin some magnesium might take some hawthorn soon too.
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