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JDTHOMPSON, March 11,  2018  1:56pm EST

Cause of your afib

Hello all,

I truly enjoy knowing that there are others experiencing some of the same things that I am. The condition can make you feel so isolated. I'd like to know the cause of others afib/aflutter? Mines is caused due to cardiomyopathy. Both my father and grandmother had the condition but neither passed away from the condition. 

I'd love to hear your responses. 

Thank you,

  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 11,  2018  2:49pm EST
    JT - For me, it is 40 years of endurance training, extreme ultra running and bad genes on my mother's side - all males died between the ages of 52 and 55 of cardiac failure... and I'm 49.  Yeah for me.Spencer.Waiting for my Sunrise.
  • Cantrell
    Cantrell, March 11,  2018  3:48pm EST
    My afib started after 33 radiation treatments to the left breast at 9:00 position along with being diagnosed with radiation pneumonitis.
  • Hammered1
    Hammered1, March 12,  2018  7:19am EST
    Hard to say. I had a heart attack September 30 of last year, followed by a stent to unclog a 90% clogged artery. A couple of weeks later, afib and aflutter.. cardiologist said it wasn’t due to the heart attack. First time caught me flat footed. I had no idea what was going on. I ended up spontaneously converting after a brief flat line. Seven episodes total. Three trips to the ER. Four times riding the wave for 3-4 hours. These have been after discontinuing metropol and starting Multaq. Other than the disconcerting nature, I feel pretty good.
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, March 12,  2018  8:23am EST
    Hello, JT!  As you can see by reading the previous posts, a-fib is not caused by one single factor.  In fact, there does not seem to be ONE common denominator for what causes a-fib in an individual.  Some people who suffer from sleep apnea are prone to have a-fib while others are not.  Some people are triggered by certain foods, alcohol, caffeine, anxiety, stress. sometimes exercise....the list goes on and on. Probably there is a genetic/heredity factor for some as well. Often the "cause" of our atrial fibrillation is unknown and the "triggers" are hard to identify. What we do share in common is our desire to learn more about atrial fibrillation and its treatment as we compare experiences.  Equally important is the support that we can receive and give to each other as we travel this  "a-fib journey" and know that we are "not alone".Glad to have you in our community and wishing you the best,Jean(My A-Fib Experience Community Leader)
  • Laurajobusch
    Laurajobusch, March 12,  2018  9:33am EST
    My diagnosis is paroxysmal Afib. Also when they treated my sleep apnea it decreased my episodes years ago.Now I know that when I get dehydrated I almost certainly will go into Afib.
    JDTHOMPSON, March 12,  2018  11:27am EST
    Spencer,Thank you for sharing. I'm waiting on my sunshine too. JT
    JDTHOMPSON, March 12,  2018  11:31am EST
    Cantrell,Thank you for sharing. JT
    JDTHOMPSON, March 12,  2018  11:34am EST
    Laura,Thank you for sharing. I truly have to do better about staying hydrated. JT
    JDTHOMPSON, March 12,  2018  11:37am EST
    Hammered,Thank you for sharing your story. JT
  • WC52
    WC52, March 12,  2018  1:09pm EST
    Hello All,​Mine statrted due to being overweight. I have sleep apnea which my cardiologist and ep feel caused my a-fib.I had an ablation on 2/28/17, lost 86 lbs. and use my cpap regularly. So far, so good.
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