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jimmy, March 9,  2018  1:15am EST

Atrial Flutter

Morning all!

Went to my cardio guy with a fairly strong sense of AFIB yesterday.

He's a really great guy and took his time listening, looking at my EKG and also the ones my Alivecor Cardio recorded and pronounced that I was having Atrial Flutter.

I must have had wide eyes at this new pronouncement as he explained about the flutter, what was happening, The good news was he could fix it with Cardioversion but with the strength of it

he suggested a Atrial Flutter Ablation. A 30 minute procedure sez he and it may help with with AFIB as well. He called it the "mother flutter" LOL!!

I really do triust him as he's helped me thru not only my forst epiosde of AFIB but has always been there for me when I've needed a change of meds or needed the paddles. (I call them paddles but they taped flat pieces of material to my chest the last time I needed a cardioversion)

Well, in less than six hours I'm going to endure that procedure and believe me, I'm a little shakey about it. 

Thanks for listening,


Naples, Florida
2 Replies
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, March 9,  2018  10:58am EST
    Jim, it sounds as though you are in the care of an experienced electrophysiologist who is explaining your condition and recommended treatment so that you can understand what is happening. I hope that your procedure for a-flutter goes well and that it will also help to control your a-fib.  The procedure is a short one and you should do just fine and have an easy recovery.Let us know how it goes...Wishing you the best, Jean (My A-fib Experience Community Leader)
  • jimmy
    jimmy, March 9,  2018  11:58pm EST
    It was short, about 45 minutes.The recovery was four hours! LOL!!I guess it was prudent to make sure the artery they entered was healing up properly after the procedure.Scary stuff though.-Jim
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